Website of the week 7th November 2012

It’s about a product but still a great site.

Sure, it is all just a website that is pushing a product but the slick videos alone provide a glimpse into the life of extreme people and give you a bit of a lift and leaving you thinking “Hey, if these people can do that, I can do just about anything” is a manufacturer website selling super-tough little cameras built to capture your sporting and adventure moments where your standard point-and-shoot will simply not survive. Think skydiving, skiing, surfing, Motorsport, kayaking, mountain biking, riding sharks or anything else you might do as a hobby, holiday or for a crazy bet. What makes this site appealing to me is the amazing still shots of people pushing the limits and professional quality videos of the same with great sound tracks.

Did you feel like you could push your limits a little further after watching Felix Baumgartner step into the edge of space? I did and the videos from this site will keep you telling yourself “I really should get out more”.

Take a look at the videos and start planning your next adventure.