Woohoo! Spotify for Aus and NZ.

I love my music. I like listening to the old songs and discovering new songs and for years I have quietly fumed to myself while listening about subscription services to pretty much unlimited music in the USA.

You can imagine my joy this morning when I found out that Spotify, a Swedish (I think) company that has had success through Europe and North America has opened its doors in Australia and New Zealand.

Spotify comes in 3 flavours. Free, Unlimited and Premium.
Free gives you unlimited access to the entire catalog from your desktop or laptop computer which is a good start. Unlimited is the same as free but for the $6.99 a month you get a radio mode and ads are stripped out then if you want play music from your phone or tablet then you need to go for Premium. For around $12 a month you get everything Unlimited has to offer and you get to use your mobile device. Premium comes with a good number of other features and could well worth be the monthly cost.

Anyway I look at it I would be spending much more if I was to allow Apple to gouge me for my listening pleasure.

Have a look at spotify.com.au and take advantage of the free trail on offer.

Have a look at the lifehacker comparison of music subscription services available in Australia here.