Windows 8.1 + 1.9 = new Windows 10?

But what is in a name really? Let’s get to what really matters.

Windows_logo_-_2012Hours ago, Microsoft’s Windows boss Terry Myerson announced the next version of Windows and this time I think I have something exciting to share.

Granted, it is not hard to move forward from the User Interface nightmare that was the Windows 8 start screen with live tiles but it looks like Microsoft has listened to the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth to bring back what worked so well for the last 19 years.

That’s right we have got the start menu back!
Microsoft made a token gesture of adding a start button without the menu for Windows 8.1 and it only served to annoy the people missing the start menu (and there were plenty). Almost every person I met using Windows 8 and later expressed frustration over the start screen. I understood what Microsoft was doing, trying to build a user interface that would work on tablets, touch screens and the traditional mouse and keyboard PC. It was too much for many so the next version of Windows had to pull back.

And it did.

Windows 10 is the new operating system coming hopefully very soon to the market with the start menu coming back with some tweaks. This change to the start menu will certainly win back some of those stung with Windows 8 by giving you a resizable, familiar start menu but with live tiles added to incorporate the “new” feel of Windows 8 giving responsive and nice looking access to commonly used applications.

There are many other smaller changes including multiple desktops, windowing all apps, automated arrangement of windows with Snap Assist and even the old Command Prompt gets some updates to make the hardcore geeks even a little bit excited.

If you do have a spare 40 minutes and you can stand a pretty dry technical demo and announcement then feel free to watch the video.

It is only an announcement of the technical pre-release and is a step on the way to a public commercial announcement and release and I have to say for the first time in a really long time I am actually looking forward to seeing this version of Windows make it to market.

If you want to try to get your hands on the newest technical preview to run and give feedback on the development of Windows 10, go over to (Warning, high level of technical skill required, this is not for novices).

April 2015 will bring further announcements with the public release expected later in 2015.

It can’t come quick enough.