Why you should never use this kind of email account.

When we sign up with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) we are automatically given an email address  with the account and sometimes we have the ability to create more email addresses under that account.

My experience tells me that using this email account provided by your ISP is the worst thing you can do.
img_como_activar_el_corrector_en_outlook_40441_300Even though we may stay with an ISP for a few years, there will come a time when we will be looking for a change and more often than not it is because the relationship with the ISP has become difficult. The last thing you want is to be trying to move your primary email address from one ISP to another. The reason why it is so hard is that the ISP owns that email address and you cannot transfer that address to your new ISP.
There is however a very simple fix and that is to use the other mostly excellent free email services with the likes of Outlook.com (includes live.com, hotmail.com) yahoo mail and my personal favourite email gmail.com.

gmailThese email services do not care who you get your internet from and are way more reliable services that often come with more storage, more features and you can access it from more places. If you move between ISPs, these mail services will just keep on going with zero interruption.

ISP provided email is not only very convenient if you are using the email service for personal use but it is vitally important when using email for business purposes. Suddenly not having access to your business email could have a significant impact on your business.

However the one thing I think ISP provided email is good for is as a “disposable” email address that can be used to fill in surveys, hand to people and organisations that you probably don’t want to hear from. You should be able to create and delete additional ISP email accounts as needed and have garbage email never show up in your primary email accounts.

unnamedOf course for businesses, it is a good idea to have a domain registered and run your emails off that domain. If you are not sure on how to do that, I am able to assist you in getting set up and it is not as expensive you might expect it to be.

Email is a long-term part of our online lives and when choosing an email solution we should think carefully about this decision.

Some of you may have noticed that I have not included Apple’s email service that is bundled with the Apple ID. The reason is that the email is tied to a service that  is tied to hardware. You never know if you will be using Apple products forever and I have my doubts that Apple email services will work with everything. Google’s gmail however will work with everything as it is their business model to be everywhere for everyone.