Where do you keep your geeks?

In business the IT geek (or team of geeks) usually are regarded as an ancillary part of the organisation.

Usually the “digital plumbers” occupying a small, windowless room filled with tech in various states of operation are regarded as a necessary part of the structure that supports the day to day operations. Not so much a part of the decision making process as the cleaner or aircon repair man would usually be.

Should that be the case? Would it be better to have the systems that support your business be more of a part of the business? Would it make sense to have the geeks to have as much input in the direction of the business as the sales team?

Could your IT people step up with business ideas? Are they comfortable with helping to find improvements and solutions instead of just going through the motions of keeping everything running?

This article from CA Technologies poses some interesting questions regarding today’s IT department and its role within a business.

Even small businesses that do not have a dedicated IT department can benefit from having a computer guy on call to not only just make things work but make things work better for your business (that would be me in case you didn’t catch the pitch).

Read the article here.