When the internet dies, it will be your fault.

Millions of weak points are right now lying in wait in your home and business ready to take down the internet and it is because you didn’t do one simple thing.

Picture this. A key part of the internet gets taken down by millions of routers, security cameras, digital video recorders, smart lightbulbs and even connected toasters.

l3outage-580x330With this army of connected devices hammering away on one of the major “telephone directories” of the internet, sites like Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr, Reddit, Spotify and Netflix seem to disappear. The internet goes dark for hours on this otherwise ordinary Friday as people struggle to access websites and services oblivious to the fact that they are instrumental to the problem.

When the attack is over, Industry experts go over what happened and declare that this is only a warm up and there is nothing we can do to stop the next one and there is no telling how big the impact will be next time or how long it will last for.

The same experts also point the finger at the billions of homes and businesses around the world for providing this kind of attack the tools to pull off this kind of hack.

Scary thing is that this has already happened last Friday October 21, 2016.

Why are the people that depend on the internet the ones to blame? It comes down to one thing.


When setting up routers, internet connected security systems and DVRs the end user is so pleased to have the new gadget up and running they simply move on to something else and do not change the default username and password combination to log into the newly installed device. This device that is now connected to the internet and pretty much forgotten about is still using the factory default username and password (usually admin/admin or admin/password) leaving it wide open to people on the internet to do what they want with it.

What is the reasoning behind leaving default login credentials in place?

“I have nothing of value to the hackers, I am boring.”
So very wrong. You are not thinking like a hacker and you have so many things that the hackers are very interested in. Every device connected to the internet is a device they can recruit into their own network of compromised devices ready to do their bidding. Sure, your recipes and photos from your last trip mean nothing but the processor in your router, camera or DVR does.
With these devices compromised the hacker can now launch his/her own attack against any target they choose. It could be used to extort money from betting sites, large online stores or take down government or military systems and your humble router sitting in the corner is an accomplice.

Think about it: You are potentially a part of a cyber attack on your own government or critical service you rely on.

i_want_you_to_use_good_passwordsHow can you stop being a part of the problem?

  1. Change the login credentials to all things you can find on your network (printers, routers, security cameras and systems etc.)
  2. Update your firmware to the latest version for all the devices you found.
  3. Tell everyone you know because this is the best way to spread awareness.

Share this article with as many people as you can because awareness is the best tool we have to closing the loopholes used by hackers to bring down the internet that we have come to depend on for so much in our lives.

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