What happened and a little on metadata.

I have been pretty busy with things outside the EZiWireless website so please excuse my absence.

6PR has been having a reshuffle after a few changes to staffing and without that motivation to keep my site updated to compliment my life behind a microphone, I have admittedly been lazy or enjoying a short break depending on your point of view.

…and now for some newsmeta-cell

Recently the big deal has been around the revelations of American Intelligence Organisations covertly spying on domestic and foreign interests by monitoring almost every method of communication including mobile phones.

In regards to mobile phones there was a line to soften the blow of monitoring that went along the lines of “we only collect metadata”. This means that only information on where the phone was used, the type and duration of the connection is collected. No monitoring of the actual content of the call was done. On the surface, this looks a little less sinister but this German article shows how this data can be displayed to give a pretty interesting picture of someone’s activities over a period of time. Have a look at this site, press the play button and watch as meta data pulled from German politician Malte Spitz’s activities and movements are tracked using only metadata containing phone calls, internet sessions and SMS messages along with proximity to cell tower data.

Pretty revealing stuff and it is not hard to imagine that this kind of data is available to pretty much anyone on every cellular device on the planet.

Have a look at the Zeit Online story here.