Weekly Tech News Roundup 6/3/2017

NBNCo backflips on FTTN? Nintendo throws the switch and some password managers have security flaws in Android.

It seems as though the national carrier of next gen internet services has had a change of heart in regards to the already outdated tech that is FTTN (fiber to the node) and is starting to roll out FTTC (fiber to the curb) services according to this post on the NBNCo website.

What this means for subscribers initially looking at the prospect of services delivered through street side cabinets which are not only expensive to install and maintain but also present a large point of failure should anything happen to the node. An example is as simple as a node being left unlocked by a technician in this story from Delimiter.com.au.

Fiber to the curb is a more logical step forward that brings the fiber termination to the communications pits we see every few houses. This could see lower costs to install and operate which could hopefully see the cost to retail service providers (RSP) fall and allow for more reasonable plan costs.

I am pleased to see in some cases the dated and already last-gen FTTN tech being dropped for a more recent technology in future installations. Those of you that are stuck with FTTN services, you might just have to tough it out until something better comes along.

For more reading, check out this story from LifeHacker.

Nintendo throws the Switch, “Strongest console launch in years” – Gamestop.

Nintendo’s latest console known as the switch has been well received by fans and in some countries has sold out.

Australia seems to be well-supplied allowing consumers to get their own new consoles for around AUD$470 and some games are ready to go at launch for up to $90 for the much anticipated recent installment in the Zelda series “The Breath of the Wild”, the two player party game 1-2-switch and the popular Just Dance 2017.

The big deal with the switch is that it is not just a house-bound console but it is also a portable gaming console that can be undocked and used away from its home. This could be the big thing that gives Nintendo that something extra over the Playstation and XBox systems. Ideal for gaming on the go, the Nintendo switch could have a similar impact on the gaming industry when we first saw the Nintendo Wii with what was back then truly innovative motion controls.

The release time is conspicuously quite separate from Microsoft and Sony’s as the last thing Nintendo wants is to be competing for airtime between the gaming heavyweights while still keeping hold of its more casual gaming market.

Some password managers found to be falling short in security on android.

NOTE : Most of the apps have already been updated to address the security issues found in the report. If you use a password manager on your android device, ensure that it is up to date.

Security researchers have reported on nine popular password managers on Android have displayed a number of concerning failings in keeping passwords and other vital information secure.

The researchers stated “The overall results were extremely worrying and revealed that password manager applications, despite their claims, do not provide enough protection mechanisms for the stored passwords and credentials. Instead, they abuse the users` confidence and expose them to high risks.”

At least one security vulnerability was found in each password manager and users are advised to ensure that if they are using the following password managers on an android device update the app and version of android as soon as possible to allow fixes to take effect.

For the full report along with the current state of security fixes, click here.

Story reported on ghacks.net.