Weekly Tech News Roundup 5/6/2017

Windows Defender security hole discovered. What happened to British Airways? Is it time to hang up on the old telephone?

Microsoft’s own antivirus patched to close critical flaw.

A productive week for the people at Google Project Zero who recently disclosed a security hole in Windows Defender that was patched by Microsoft. The flaw dubbed one of the worst in recent memory had the potential to crash the antivirus engine or even worse allow a remote attacker gain administrator level access to affected computers.

Update your systems and check out the story I posted on benaylett.com.

British Airways outage – What happened?

After the very visible outage of IT systems last week, investigators may have pinned down the issue to human error according to this post over at my other website.

Even though IT savvy people roundly dismissed the idea that an outage could have knocked down a data center, it seems as though a power event did occur even though the power systems were shown to be in perfect working order leading to speculation that through is configuration or failure to stick to procedures.

Either way, a pretty bad week for BA’s IT people.

End of the line for the old telephone?

It seems as though declining use of the old phone that some of us grew up with has got Telecommunications companies looking to swing the axe at the old technology.

Uptake of mobile phone technology and rollout of competing infrastructure seems to be sealing the deal on the end times for the phone that kept us tethered to walls and tables in the home and office.

Again, more details are here on my other main website.

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