Weekly Tech News Roundup 29/5/2017

Google Home is coming to Australia, British Airways outage due to power supply, Scam emails keep targeting Australian businesses.

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Over on my other site, I was excited to mention that the Google Home smart speaker is heading south to Australia.

I am pretty excited about this as the smart and connected speaker brings google into your home giving everyone in the household access to everything Google has to offer. It essentially puts a smart digital assistant in your house and it always on standby to answer your command. From getting news and weather reports to showing videos and playing music on your Chromecast equipped TV. Google Home even integrates with smart appliances allowing you to turn lights on and off, set thermostats and more from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or just with your voice.

Very cool, just check out the video below.

Check out the story on my other website benaylett.com

British Airways Grounded

A massive outage for British Airways systems around the world has thrown the global carrier into a spin as staff struggle to go manual in a system that is heavily automated.

Bookings, Apps, Websites, Checkins and other systems were out of action leaving passengers stranded all over the world in what was initially speculated to be a cyberattack.

Employees also were heard to speculate that this was a cyber event that caused the outage but the official word from Chief Executive Alex Cruz said the outage was due to a “power supply issue” which managed to raise the ire of IT professionals while the BA Employees Union has placed the blame at the feet of management opting to offshore IT operations to India.

As the outage enters it’s third day with passengers sleeping in terminals, this headache is far from over for this national carrier.

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Scam email hits Aussie Businesses

Back over on my other website I have dissected a scam email that has been doing the rounds just in the last couple of days claiming to be a renewal notice from ASIC.

The email is kind of convincing but in the post I point out a couple of features with noting before opening an email. I also describe how to open potentially infected emails without putting yourself at risk of falling victim to the latest cyber threats.

Just by following a few simple points you are able to keep your homes and businesses safe from cyber attack.

More on that over here.