Weekly Tech News Roundup 27/2/2017

So much news! Google routers get reset, Nokia 3310 is coming back, Apple lets you fix your screen, Disney goes big on wireless charging, Huawei launches a phone.

From the department of too smart for it’s own good…

Google Home Wifi routers accidentally copped a factory reset around 23rd February rendering the intelligent routers only capable of flashing a blue status LED on the device.

The Google branded routers including the Google OnHub and Google Wifi mysteriously suffered from a reset that might have been sent from the system responsible for controlling the smart devices. The issue was quickly resolved by preforming a hard reset and then re-entering any customisations that users may have set up.

There was not a system update pushed out from the Google network so it s not clear how this reset was triggered.`

For affected users, you can get support from the special Google support page here.

More on this from Engadget here.

The Nokia 3310 is coming back but there is a catch.

Remember that old indestructible phone with a battery life that lasted longer than a weekly DVD rental?

It’s back!

Nokia in Barcelona has announced that the 3310 will be coming back with a MONTH of standby battery, over 22 hours of talk time, the familiar keypad, colour (non-touch) 2.4 inch screen, 2MP camera with LED flash removable battery, expandable memory (up to 32MB via an SD card slot) and good old Snake!

The phone is a slightly more rounded version of the original brick and is made of plastic indicating that it could be as indestructible as its predecessor and can be yours for as little as 49 Euro (less than AUD$70).

It is not going to be using the latest LTE or 4G networks instead the Finnish manufacturer opting to go for the “2.5G” band. Even though Australian carriers have phased out existing 2G networks this phone still might get some love from Aussie telcos and consumers alike.

This has effectively overshadowed Nokia’s other announcements and Mobile World Congress surrounding its other smartphones in the same event.

More for the News.com.au website here.

Apple : Getting third party screen repairs is cool with us.

Previously if you had your phone screen repaired by a repair shop other than your official Apple store, you were totally on your own from that point on. Apple would refuse to honour any warranty on the device regardless of what the issue was. Effectively it would void the warranty on the entire phone (battery, ports etc.) instead of just the screen.

A bit of a raw deal.

But thanks to a leaked memo, it looks like Apple might be thinking of playing a fairer game when it comes to warranty.

The memo hints that Apple will still provide warranty for all non-screen related repairs and at this point covers US and Canada cases with the possibility to extend to other regions.

Obviously, any repairs due to botched screen replacement will still be subject to the full price of the job but at least all the other stuff is still covered.

More of this over at TechRadar.com.

Disney builds a room that will wirelessly charge anything inside it.

Believe it or not but the people at Disney have developed (and built) a room that is able to wirelessly charge and power devices including phones, fans and TVs without any wires!

Taking the original goal of Nikolai Tesla to beam power all around the globe without wires, Disney Research Hub has built a room with aluminium walls, a central copper pipe and some capacitors to setup an electromangentic field that pulses with enough power to provide up to 1900 watts in a 54 cubic meter room.

Using the principal of magnetic field induction, the system is able to transmit power by “moving” the magnetic field through coils or wire attached to the devices requiring power to convert that moving magnetic pulse into an electrical current.

Check out the video below for an explanation.

Huawei drops new phones on Mobile World Conference

Last year we saw the Chinese technology heavyweight release the Mate M9 smartphone that was well received and just in the last few days, we saw Huawei announce the P10 and the larger P10+.

The specs are impressive starting with the camera co-developed by Leica a well recognised brand in high end photography bringing a 12MP colour and 20MP monochrome for the rear cameras bundled with software to give some artistic effects including depth of field blurring.

With an eight core processor, up to 6GB RAM, 128GB of storage, expandable storage and thumping 3200mAh and 3750mAh (for the 10+), these phones pack enough power to keep almost anyone happy.

The screens specs stand up well too with the P10 getting a 5.1 inch AMOLED 1080p display and the P10+ rocking a 5.5 inch 1440p version of its smaller sibling.

What has got people really excited is a range of 8 colours including Pantone Greenery and Dazzling Blue as well as the usual Black, White, Silver, Rose Gold and two additional tones of Gold. It will be hard for some people to slap a case on these phones.

Australian shipping is expected in May or June this year with pricing to be confirmed hopefully soon.

A promising tilt at the market from Huawei. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.

Full story over at Gizmodo Australia.

Oh.. and I am still a bit annoyed about Village Roadshow botching its anti-piracy stance.