Weekly Tech News Roundup 21/11/2016

NBN complaints on the rise, No Amazon Prime for AU but we get The Grand Tour and Call centres are selling you out.

According to users, NBN is not delivering on it’s promises.

tio_logoThe TIO’s annual report has shown a 147.8% increase in complaints about faults on the previous year and general NBN complaints up by almost 100% to 13,406.

Typical complaints surround delays in connections and once connections are set up consumers complaints point to slow speeds and drop-outs.

Ombudsman Judi Jones told the ABC that services were being improved as the roll-out of services continued but it was a case of keeping a close eye on it.

“It’s not surprising that there are problems when you have that massive infrastructure roll-out where you’re touching so many people’s premises and trying to get something to operate smoothly where it’s got multiple hands in it, multiple parties working together,” she said.

The report also stated that general complaints are up by 22% this year to the highest levels in 5 years.

Clearly the NBN has stretched resources for Telcos and contractors to the point where the cracks might be beginning to show. Hopefully as the telecommunications industry sits up and takes notice to this spike in complaints, we might see services improve in the next annual report.

For more in depth analysis have a look at the full story from the ABC.

Amazon Prime in AU? Yes? No? Who cares? We get The Grand Tour!

As if by magic after a listener called in last week to ask about getting the next motoring juggernaut, Amazon’s The Grand Tour starring the usual suspects James May, Richard Hammond and of course Jeremy Clarkson burst back onto the Australian online streaming scene.

The series was only available through Amazon Prime, a premium service ththe-grand-tour-logo-546x307at is not usually available in Australia which set tongues wagging asking if Amazon had done a quiet launch without any fanfare.

However, Mumbrella.com.au reported that Amazon had not launched the service proper but opened up access to the video streaming service on videos that were not subject to regional licensing restrictions. We are now getting a glimpse of the new world of video entertainment creation and distribution where the global market watches as one audience at the same time. A concept that truly reflects the current world we live in today.

Regional rights holders take note. Your time is up.

While other news organisations are undecided as to what to report we get to sit back and enjoy the amazing production quality and sheer entertainment of the boys doing what they do best while thumbing their noses at the establishment.

Offshore call centre insiders are selling your details for cash kickbacks.

A Fairfax Media investigation reveals that a Mumbai-based security firm AI Solutions is selling private individual details for between $350 and $1000.

giphyThe information includes phone records, home addresses and other private details of customers from Telstra, Vodafone and Optus.

The telecommunication companies have stressed that they are aware of the situation and are conducting their own investigations.

This has realised the fears that many have had when it comes to offshore call centres that have access to Australian consumer data from an overseas location. What is there to stop them from abusing the access to this information.

The Australian Federal Police is investigating.

AI Solutions is yet to provide comment.

For the full story from The Age, click here.