Weekly Tech News Roundup 20/6/2016

It’s World Wifi Day, Smartphones don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, VividWireless customers could be left disconnected after 25th July.

Did you know there is a World Wifi Day?

Well now you do. Because Wifi technology presents a way to provide connections in areas where it is not possible to install cables it has been a way to provide “Connections to the Unconnected”. Wifi has become ubiquitous in our modern society but in poorer parts of the world without infrastructure, it can finally get people connected to the online world and open up opportunities they would not normally have.

You might have heard about Telstra getting in on the celebrations by offering everyone free access to their national Wifi network from all of their Telstra Air network of 400,000 hotspots over the weekend.

The world’s first Wifi Day is all about celebrating the technology behind wireless networks that have brought portable, always on internet connections that have really shaped today’s technology.

To learn more about World Wifi Day, go here.

Smartphones don’t have to be expensive phones.

You might have heard smartphone sales growth has started to slow so naturally now, instead of trying to outdo eachother with features, smartphone manufacturers are now competing on price.

This article from WA Today shows that manufacturers are pushing for the budget-conscious end of the market by offering the essential features of smartphones including the Motorola Moto G, OnePlus 3, Xiaomi Mi5 and the locally branded Telstra Signature Premium. You can also get an Apple product on the cheap with the iPhone 5s going for under $500. Smart phones are now also well within reach of the sub-$200 end of the market with the Kogan Agora 6.

All very capable to get day to day things done but of course, you get what you pay for so be prepared to miss out on some of the high end features you may see in the other phones.

The best part about all this is that those that are watching their budget can still benefit from the power and flexibility you an get from having access to a smartphone.

Vivid Wireless network upgrade to LTE spells the end of Wimax. What does this mean to customers?

Wimax, it promised so much. Long ranges, high-speed handover between cells and pretty high performance. Back in 2010 when this  became a commercial product, it provided a great option for people that could not get access to decent ADSL services.

A couple of years ago, Optus acquired Vivid Wireless and it was business as ususal but recently the availability of Wimax compatible hardware has dried up and Optus looking at the dwindling supplies from manufacturer is converting subscribers to the new LTE technology that is being rolled out with other carriers.

LTE is a fantastic wireless technology that provides excellent speeds and is a strong competitor to the upcoming NBN technologies.

Unfortunately, as the LTE network is still under development there will be some customers that will find themselves disconnected from the 25th of July from the Vivid Wireless network as the Wimax spectrum is gradually shut down. Leaving subscribers with the task of finding a new ISP before things go dark. Affected customers will be receiving communications from Vivid wireless shortly.