Weekly Tech News Roundup 20/3/2017

The online technology jargon-buster, fully-loaded kodi under fire, Ask-ing for trouble with a toolbar.

I have just found a fantastic dictionary known as the sideways dictionary that is a great resource for putting technical terms into english. (I could be out of a job!)

The Sideways dictionary is a great resource for people looking for analogies to explain technical terms like 2 factor authentication and API which by the way can be though of as the connectors on the back of your TV that allows you to plug different devices into your TV thus making it more useful by allowing the TV and various devices to talk to each other.

You can even add analogies that you think might explain the term in order to help other people.

One that gave me a giggle was this cynical analogy for cookie.

“It’s like a dog relieving itself to mark its territory.
And you’re the lamppost.”
To take a look for yourself, check out Sidewaysdictionary.com


Fully-loaded free-tv android box dealers fighting injuction in Canada blocking sales.

Honestly, who did not see this coming?

There is a booming business around android powered set top boxes loaded with software that allows access to potentially pirated content for a one off fee of around $100.

Consumers have fallen in love with the idea to cut the cord and give the cable companies and their old business model the heave-ho with these small and powerful devices that can have software plug ins installed to access live sport, premium movie channels and other shows that you would not normally have access to due to regional restrictions.

Cable giants in Canada Bell Media, Rogers and Videotron have successfully had an injunction against 45 sellers of these Kodi boxes alleging that the vendors have “induced and authorised” customers in copyright infringement. The vendors are denying any responsibility for any lost business claimed by the cable companies and say that the customers are free to add and remove software from the boxes as they see fit.

Last week, a British man was found to be guilty of breaching the UKs’ copyright act and was sentenced to 10 months and ordered to pay £250,000.

It is only a matter of time until someone finds themselves in hot water in Australia thanks to fully loaded kodi systems.

More on the Canadian Kodi case here.

ASK Toolbar compromised twice in two months.

No. Just no.

One of the most common causes for problems when I see clients is the endless stream of malware and viruses that make it onto computers that piggyback in on useless utilities like toolbars and unnecessary browser plugins.

One of my pet peeves is the ASK toolbar. As soon as I see this I know we will have some security issues.

This article from bleepingcomputer.com reports that the breaches in October and December were a result of hackers finding a way to get into the Ask network and hijack the update process for the toolbar allowing the installation of malware that was a malicious program and more alarmingly a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) which gave attackers remote access to infected computers within 1 minute of delivering the malicious update.

There is no reason to install the ASK toolbar in any case and there are very few browser toolbars or extensions that are actually useful.

Most of these toolbars are installed along with other programs and are an optional item installed be default for people that are wanting to quickly install a free or cheap program off the internet.

If you are looking for a place to install clean, free and legal software I recommend you start with ninite.com as this site performs installations with all the default settings but without the extra crapware that you do not want.