Weekly Tech News Roundup 20/2/2017

Google looking to employ Aussie hackers, 3D printed vertebrae helps Indian woman walk again, Robots should pay your taxes : Bill Gates.

Google is looking for talent down under.

So you think you are good with computers? Do you like to break into places you should not go online? Want to make a living doing what you love? Want to work for Google?
Yep, it looks like the search giant is chasing hackers in Australia to boost their staff to help bolster their security division. They are looking to build up their “Tiger teams”, groups of security engineers that are tasked with breaking security in Google products like the Chrome browser to help the developers develop countermeasures to cyber attacks.

Google has flagged Sydney as one of the rich hunting grounds thanks to the existing cybersecurity courses taught in universities. Universities are doing their best to keep up but are having problems getting enough students to meet the growing demand.

This is expected to have a knock on effect with other private and government sectors that are competing for similar candidates so now is a really good time to look at doing some short courses in cybersecurity or simply start thinking about finally giving hacking a go.

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India’s first 3D printed vertebrae helps woman walk again.

A 32 year old woman suffering from Spinal Tuberculosis had severely damaged first, second and third cervical vertebrae meaning that there was little to no skeletal support for the patient’s skull. The risks included paralysis, dysphasia and language disorders that would have been devastating for the teacher and singer.

The procedure started with CT scans of the patient, modelling the replacement vertebrae, printing it in titanium, testing the implant and then a massive 10 hour operation to fix the implant.

12 days later, the patient was able to walk with minimal support while chalking up a medical first for India.

To read more about the achievements of Dr Gopal Kumar, Dr V Anand Naik and their medical team, go here.

Hey Robot, pay my taxes!

With the ever growing threat of automation taking over jobs at higher rates than ever, Bill Gates has suggested that robots should pay your taxes if you are displaced from the workforce.

The taxes would be used to help assist the displaced workers meet living costs and get training in fields that will allow these workers to re-enter the workforce.

It is estimated that up to 57% of jobs will be filled with automation in the coming decades leaving jobs that require that human touch such as working with the elderly and people with special needs.

Debates have been going on within the EU about this with those for and against with questions surfacing regarding the point at which a robot transcends a relatively simple system like the current production line robots and the future automatons that use AI to have an even bigger impact on the general workforce.

With the rise of automation, there is even debate that these taxes should go towards what has been dubbed a Universal Basic Income that is paid to every citizen of a country regardless of their employment status to allow them to maintain a basic standard of living.

From where I stand, I see a big need for creative and entertainment sectors as well as specialised health care. General medicine and diagnosis however is even under threat with IBM’s Watson showing it can correctly diagnose cases that doctors were unable to.

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