Weekly Tech News Roundup 19/6/2017

Free Wifi, Evil NBN contractors, Robots and jobs, Adelaide Crows are gaming nerds.

World Wifi Day kicks off with Telstra’s millionth Wifi Hotspot getting lit up and free wifi for everyone!

In this article back on my other website benaylett.com I cover what World Wifi Day is and tell you where to take advantage of free internet services courtesy of the Telstra Air network.

Some NBN Contractors are flat out evil.

An 80 year old Sydney woman was pressured into signing off what would be called a dangerous installation of NBN services. The issue was only resolved once the daughter called and complained about the issue. I have a couple of concerning images about this over at benaylett.com.

Woodside employs robot worker.

In a development partnership between the energy giant and NASA, a humanoid robot will be deployed on Woodside’s offshore oil and gas platforms. Able to work alongside other humans and in situations that would be too strenuous or dangerous for other workers R2C3 or “Rick” is set to help both NASA and Woodside develop the technology over the next 5 years.

More here.

From the e-sports desk.

Adelaide Crows Football club on the 18th of May purchased Sydney based Legacy e-Sports, a competitive computer gaming outfit that is well known for strong representation in League of Legends tournaments around the world. This first for Australia signals that other sports franchises are starting to eye off the very lucrative world of competitive computer gaming.

More as usual over at the Benaylett.com blog.