Weekly Tech News Roundup 19/12/2016

ATO gets scrambled, 1 billion Yahoo accounts compromised and weaponised tweets could be treated as a Federal Crime.

Last week I covered a little on the ATO storage meltdown that has put 1 Petabyte of data under a serious cloud.

The services seem to be up and running but I am still looking for confirmation that the data has been recovered.
For now, have a look at the article I posted on this here.

Yahoo account breach of 1 Billion users is up for sale on the dark web for around USD$20,000.

Following shortly after a revelation that Yahoo had suffered a data breach of around half a billion in September this year it has been revealed that there was another breach exposing around a billion user accounts in August of 2013. The database for sale containing usernames, hashed passwords, date of birth, phone number, backup email addresses, unencrypted security questions and answers is currently asking USD$20,000.

This kind of breach again highlights the importance of using a password vault to help avoid reusing passwords like Lastpass.

This breach also comes at a very poor time as Yahoo is in talks to be acquired by Verizon hot on the heels of a downgrade in market value from the previous breach. My advice to anyone that has ever had an account with any Yahoo property is to shut down the service and change all passwords (very easy with Lastpass).

Why should you care? Even if you have “nothing that hackers would care about” your online identity can be used in a number of ways. It can be used to access other services you might care about and those services can be used to spread malware to people in your contact list, create false identities using your personal information or any other creative use of the information that we have not thought about yet.

More on this over at TheHackerNews.com

Seizure-inducing tweets or posts could have creators face federal prosection.

Epilepsy sufferer Kurt Eichenwald was targeted by an anonymous user of twitter who sent Kurt a strobing tweet that triggered a seizure. Now Kurt is not only taking a break from the social media service but he is also working with authorities and twitter to help unmask the coward behind the attack.

As the attack most likely across state lines (and maybe from overseas) the case may be treated as a federal case of assault as the tweet was intended to cause harm.

More of this over at The Verge.