Weekly Tech News Roundup 17/7/2017

NBNco’s troubles continue, Malcom Turnbull wants to find a way around encryption, Bitcoin and Ethereum have a rough ride over the weekend.

Clouds of discontent are gathering around the embattled national infrastructure provider with some saying the NBN project is as good as dead.

Continued complaints and reports from the media are casting a shadow over the National Broadband Network with even Government departments declaring NBNco too had to deal with when it comes to getting issues resolved. Now that is saying something.

The number of complaints and horror stories surrounding the project are continuing to increase even though as recently as last week, NBNco proudly (and briefly) announced that the rollout of the new service passed the half way mark. In this post, I look into why even though there are many cases of the NBN delivering better services the public image of NBNco continues to slide.

I honestly believe that if not addressed, NBNco could well be heading for a slow-burning, decimating failure to rival the likes of the spectacular 2016 CensusFail.

Malcom Turnbull – “The laws of mathematics are very commendable but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia.”

As world Governments struggle to keep up with technology, the Australian Prime Minister and Attorney-General last week held a press conference to propose that tech companies should assist in investigations when requested to do so. This in itself is not an issue as most companies already happily assist investigations.

The real fun began when the talk shifted to back doors and end to end encryption which included vague language that had cybersecurity advocates scratching their heads. Mr Turnbull’s statement effectively dismissing the validity of the “laws of mathmatics” stating that the Laws of Australia take precedence elicited a lot of laughing from the world wide tech community.

More here on the benaylett.com website.

Cryptocurrencies take a weekend dive, short term outlook remains shaky.

Two of the most popular digital currencies took a hit over the last 72 hours. Bitcoin (BTC) fell from around US$2300 to a low of around US$1800 before rebounding to US$2100 later today. The alternative heavyweight to Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) started sliding Friday from just under US$200 to around US$135 on Sunday recovering to just under US$180 today.

Some have speculated that short term jitters are expected as the Bitcoin network is nearing its limits to quickly process transactions and deadlines are looming for the network to make a decision on which way to go. As the network is decentralised there will be conflict on how this is best handled depending on the point of view of the members of the network. This deadline is set for the 1st of August and I would not be surprised to see further fluctuations as the deadline date passes and the network adjusts to the change. In the meantime, there are sure to be some bargain hunters looking to buy into long term holding of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

More on this over at Yahoo Finance.

Disclaimer : Prices from BTC-e were correct at time of printing. This does not constitute financial advice.