Weekly Tech News Roundup 12/6/2017

A new games console announced, a facebook post could result in the death penalty and Apple employees are selling customer data.

This weekend at E3 Microsoft revealed their latest mid-generation console.

Designed to go after the Sony Ps4 Pro, the Microsoft XBox One X (developed under the much cooler name Project Scorpio) is dubbed the most powerful gaming console yet.

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Facebook argument leads to death sentence.

A Pakistani man faces execution for posting objectionable material after getting into an online argument with a Pakistani counter terrorism official over Islam. The conviction is believed to be the first to be made over the nation’s strict anti-blasphemy laws.

The story continues on my website here and on news.com.au here.

Apple employees caught selling customer data.

Around 22 people in China have been arrested and are facing charges after selling customer data on the black market that has netted the criminals around US$7.36 million.

In the nation of knock-offs and suspicious operators the act did not raise as many eyebrows inside China as it would in other countries but Apple has promised to review access that would give so many employees access to so much private data.

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