Weekly Tech News Roundup 12/12/2016

I saw a lot happen in my own neck of the woods so expect a little local flavour this week.

Australian NBN Satellite RSP Orion holds innovation showcase.

I kicked off last week by attending the Orion Satellite Innovation Showcase where I was shown some of the newest tech set to take effect soon for subscribers to Thaicom, Orion Satellite and IPStar.

Thaicom, the owner of Orion Satellite and its subsidiary IPStar were also in attendance as engineers demonstrated satellite communication technologies that will have an impact on regional Australia and surrounding areas. The innovations included new ways to carry data over satellite signals that can deliver 100% increases in efficiency, a remote medical service that would enable city-based doctors to examine patients vitals in real time anywhere in the field.

There was also a mobile system that fit on the back of a ute and via a satellite uplink delivered internet connected WiFi and 4G services up to 7km away. Ideal for rapid deployment to disaster affected areas as well as efficiently providing remote sites access to the services you would expect to see in a capital city.

Overall, seeing the people from Orion, Thaicom and IPStar gave me a great insight into what made these companies tick. It was like looking into our local version of Google bristling with engineering talent that would be hard to find anywhere else.

Find out more about Orion, IPStar and Thaicom.

WestTechFest Ozapp 2016 and the Final 5.

I was also invited along to see the 2016 WestTechFest Ozapp awards and the field of contenders was nothing short of brilliant. The startup and innovation field in Perth is strong and full of vibrant and enthusiastic people all keen to make their mark.

After the elimination rounds of pitches it came down to 5 finalists.

Formalytics : The ultimate football training tool.
Looking at the sports and human movement sector, Formalytics aims to bring high quality movement tracking to anyone with a smart phone providing feedback on the power and spin in the kick and how likely it is to beat a goalie.

Lawadvisor : Legal. Transformed.
Almost like a matchmaking service for clients seeking legal representation or advice, Lawadvisor allows clients to post questions or descriptions of legal issues to the site and legal advisors can comment or quote on the posts allowing clients to review responses and prices without obligation and with the ability to choose their prefe
rred representative.

RewordIt : Help end cyber bullying.
This is a novel approach to combating cyber bullying by addressing it at the source. Currently a web browser extension, reword.it acts like a spell checker by analysing and highlighting terms and phrases by ruling a red line through the words giving the author a chance to reconsider the text before composing. It has to be noted that Reword.it is a not for profit project and is supported by volunteers and sponsors with no plans to commercialise the venture.

iAuditor : Build Checklists, conduct inspections, file reports.
Stay with me here, I know it sounds boring but this is going to make some people very excited. iAuditor is an electronic version of safety and inspection checklists that will give anyone needing to generate inspection checklists a better way to perform their work. iAuditor allows users to create checklists, track responses, file and collaborate with rich checklists that can include pictures, GPS locations and drawings. If your work involves any kind of regular inspection and reporting then you might be interested in iAuditor free from iTunes or Google Play.

Shippit : Shipping Made Simple
Logistics is hard and for small businesses it is one of the stumbling blocks in the way of smooth operations. What Shippit does is act like “Uber for Couriers” by simplifying the task of selecting the best courier for the job, making a booking, tracking and tracing the shipment from anywhere.
Already used by the likes of Harvey Norman, Urban Coture and The Minimalist, Shippit has already made good headway into the logistics game.

So who won?

The judges had a hard time picking the winner but after considering the finalist with the best long term prospects for solid expansion worldwide was Safety Culture’s iAuditor with the team winning not only a cash prize but a spot to compete in the Extreme Tech Challenge at CES in Las Vegas next year.