Weekly News Roundup 9/3/2015

Apple event only hours away. Half the world goes bananas.apple_watch
The rest of the world says Android did it first anyway.
A well anticipated event set to start at 1AM Tuesday Perth time is expected to be the unveiling and official release of the Apple Watch. Some are speculating that we should see at least some of the models available to order before the end of the month. Price speculation has been from AUD$400 for the entry level “sport” watch to over AUD$5000 for the top of the line gold plated poser-piece.
For all the hype have a look at the Apple Watch page here.
For the Apple Live Event go to live event page here.
To follow the Wired live blog from the event, go here.

Aussies find out pollies had imessage linked to govt email addresses.
And the resulting fun is glorious.
For a short time the iPhones of Australian politicians became playthings of pranksters as it was discovered that some iMessage accounts had been linked to the official government email addresses opening the door for some truly inspired pranks and messages sprinkled in with the usual blast from unhappy members of the public.
One person decided to start sending the entire novel 1984 to George Brandis over his metadata proposal while another just sent a relaxed “Can we do something serious about climate change, mate?” to Greg Hunt.
The fun was over quickly after MPs started to disconnect iMessage accounts from publicly available email addresses.brandis

That is all for now.. Hope you had a good weekend.