Weekly News Roundup 9/11/2015

Optus snags EPL rights from Foxtel, can they make this work? You and VPN. Should you be using it?

Optus gets exclusive EPL rights for Australia.

We still want it on TV but TV is changing.
We still want it on TV but TV is changing.

This has been massive news for those interested in any kind of live TV in particular sports. Optus has won a bid for the Australian broadcast rights at a reported cost of over US$50m covering 3 seasons starting in August 2016.

This is a clear message to the traditional broadcasters that they no longer have a monopoly on the live sports business. Optus has demonstrated a clear intent to get involved in the broadcast game and my reasearch shows that this has been successfully done before with other codes including NHL, NFL (American Football) to name a couple. Existing services including ADSL have been reported to have worked fine with streaming live events and there is only a few seconds delay between traditional broadcasts and the online streaming broadcasts.

For more on this, go here to read about it.

VPN, what is it and why would I need it?

vpn-diagramVPN (virtual private network) is a relatively old technology traditionally used by people working at home to access their systems at work over the internet and do it securely without exposing their work for hackers to see. It is essentially a way to make it look like that remote working is sitting in the office without leaving home. It has also been given other names such as teleworking and telecommuting and was one of the most exciting promises of the Internet in the late 90s and early 2000s as the first signs of decent internet services were starting to make an appearance.

Fast forward to today and VPN is in very wide use and even is within easy reach of the everyday technology user. It essentially creates a secure tunnel between 2 points (your computer and the VPN provider) that prevents eavesdropping or monitoring of your activity on the internet. This is especially useful when it comes to protecting your login information when using a public wifi service or avoiding surveillance by a government or criminal organisation. It also has another interesting side effect that makes it look like you are in another location. Very handy for side-stepping geographically blocked services, giving you access to services not usually available in your country.

For more on VPN technology, read this on my website. It includes a video that clearly explains what VPN can do for you.