Weekly News Roundup 8/2/2016

Cryptoviruses spreading again this time via AUSPOST, beware the cheap USB C cable and looking beyond VR, AR is coming and it is going to be huge.

Fake AUSPOST messages are spreading cryptoviruses.

An example of the scam email

In this blog post last week, I alerted people to the news that once again, criminals were using forged AUSPOST messages to spread the scourge of ransomware.
Ransomware is a class of malware that commonly gets onto your computer as an attatchment that then activates and set about encrypting all of your data on your computer and attached USB and network drives effectively locking you out of all your work and making other files like photographs, documents, videos and music inaccessible.
In this previous post, I also show how to avoid falling for this scam.

Shonky USB C cable destroys chromebook.

poorly-designed-usb-c-cable-kills-google-engineers_jxcb.640If anything, this is a cautionary tale to be very aware of what you buy and plug into your equipment. A Google engineer recently used a cheap USB cable he bought from Amazon on his shiny Chromebook to find that due to incorrect wiring, his laptop was effectively destroyed. This not only highlights the dangers of bad cables but also shows the need for equipment to be able to detect and disable incorrectly wired cables and devices to avoid damage.

Original story from Arstechnica here.


Beyond VR, AR is very much the future.

Tony-stark-2pIt is not often you have futurist Robert Scoble blown away so when Rob claim that an upcoming technology is going to be bigger than the iMac or even the Apple II. Early indications are pointing to Magic Leap becoming one of the most important players in the future of technoloy, entertainment, medicine, engineering you name it.

Below is Robert’s video (language warning. Robert is pretty excited about this.)

Long story short, if you have watched the recent Ironman movies where Tony Stark is talking to his digital assistant J.A.R.V.I.S while he manipulates virtual objects hanging in the air. Based on what I have dug up, I would have to agree that Robert is on the money without a doubt and the next future shift that will change everything will be high performance Augmented Reality systems similar to the Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leaps Meta Spaceglass and so many other similar products. For an idea on what this will look like, this video from Caterpillar illustrates the possibilities beautifully.