Weekly News Roundup 7/3/2016

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This week was another good one for tech news. From Google filing a patent for augmented popup books to the end of headphones and ransomware coming to an Apple computer near you?

The Google popup book of phobias could be getting a bit of an edge.
According to a pair of patents filed with the US Patent Office, Google has designs on taking books to the next level. The first is an interactive popup book with a micro-projector built into the spine that projects interactive images onto the pages. The pages would also be packing pressure and motion sensors to pickup page turns and touches on certain parts of the pages. An embedded speaker on the pages would add sound to the experience.
The second patent is a stepping stone to the fully augmented one mentioned previously by incorporating smartphones, tablets or even wearable displays into the system. This would give current developers access to the technology.
Original story at Fastcompany and Engadget.

The end of headphones?
 At the recent Mobile World Congress, Noveto Systems unveiled a product demo that got some serious attention from ReadWrite and could spell the end for personal audio products as this technology as we know it. Using face and head tracking the system is able to read the position of individual users hears and beam audio to each ear in such a tight area it is not only able to beam separate signals to left and right ears but it can avoid other from being forced to listen to indulge in your favorite Bucks Fizz albums.This has potential in all fields of audio technology from personal audio to TV and car audio.
I am really excited to see what takes shape when Noveto partners with a large manufacturer. Imagine a phone with decent hands free and no need for those pesky earbuds.
Full story over at ReadWrite.

First instances of OSX Ransomware found in the wild.
Transmission_2.90It was only a matter of time and it seems as though that time is now with a confirmed sighting of a ransomware variant for Apple computers. Apple users running Transmission 2.90 could possibly be at great risk of ransomware that Windows users have been battling for years now. Welcome to the party Apple.
The 2.90 verison of the Transmission bittorrent client released recently seems to have been compromised and includes KeRanger, a ransomware trojan that installs along with Transmission. The payload fires 3 days after installation and like other variants encrypts all user data on the computer and connected drives and generates a private key that is then held for ransom. When the victim pays the ransom, hopefully the key is sent back and the user data can be unencrypted.
Of course, when it comes to trust, cyber criminals and extortionists have a pretty average reputation so the best cure is prevention by using Time Machine to keep a reliable backup on a disconnected external hard drive and make sure that Transmission is up to date.
Original story picked up from 9to5Mac and references the report from Palo Alto Networks on the find.

These were some of the stories that caught my eye this last week. If you want to get them as I find them follow me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also find me on Instagram and Google+.