Weekly News Roundup 6/7/2015

Aussie retailers told “Go Mobile to stay alive.”

A recent joint study conducted by NetSuite and Australian Retailers Association has shown that 52 percent of Aussie consumers use a mobile device at some point of their research, selection or purchase of a good or service.

Problem is that around only 30 percent of Australian retailers are paying attention to this by offering the essentials of a mobile-friendly website. It seems as though many retailers think that since they are not actually selling products online they do not need to pay attention to their websites being a part of their marketing strategy.

Clay Cook of digital agency Bonfire told Yahoo7’s Media&Marketing that these retailers are being left behind.
“Digital doesn’t just drive e-commerce, it also gets consumers into stores.”

ACMA figures highlight the explosive growth of mobile commerce from 0.62 million active consumers in December 2010 to 3.4 million in December 2013. An increase of 448 percent!
A total of over 4 million consumers in 2010 used their smart phones to perform other activities not directly related to purchases including checking account balances and researching products.

Large retailers like Officeworks and Dick Smith have embraced digital technology to offer customers more information in store and the ability to order online and pickup from the store without having to find the products in the aisles.

To get up to speed, retailers are encouraged to at least review their websites to make sure they are mobile-responsive and explore the possibility of a web app or native phone app to assist customers in making purchases quickly.

Read the original Yahoo7 article here.
You will find the ACMA figures here.
Find out more about Bonfire here.

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MASSIVE Apple security flaw revealed and Apple knew about this for 6 months!

The Register reports on the 17th June that 6 security researchers have demonstrated far-reaching zero-day security flaws in both Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems that allow malicious apps to capture passwords and other security credentials from other apps including Apple’s native email app.

The security team was able to create and upload the app to the App store which was vetted and cleared to appear in the app store.

The security team published the paper 6 months after advising Apple of the flaw and hearing no response. It is believed that the flaw is still unpatched at this moment in time and according to The Register, Apple is yet to respond with a comment on the issue.

I advise all Apple users are to ensure that all non-essential Apps are either removed or at the very least not used until a security patch is released.

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Electric Car Wins Pikes Peak 2015.

As reported by Top Gear, the annual hill climb of Pikes Peak in the USA has seen a changing of the guard. A race usually dominated by twin-engined monsters and crazy pilots has been run and won by an equally crazy electric car.

This is not your average golf cart pumping out 1368bhp and 1593lb ft or torque through all four wheels thanks to no less than six electric motors.

No screaming petrol mills here just road and wind noise as this Latvian built prototype rockets to the top of the hill.

Just go to the Top Gear website to check it out.

Nice to know that in the future, mad things can still happen in motor racing and with the promise of a new battery tech breakthrough from Samsung, there are some amazing things heading our way.