Weekly News Roundup 5/9/2016

Perth has Australia’s first fully autonomous bus, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 global recall and Dropbox breach confirmed.

Perth fans of Autonomous and Electric vehicles have something to be very excited about this week as RACWA begins public testing of Australia’s only fully automated (Level 4) bus.

The French manufactured Navya dubbed the RAC Intellibus with a capacity of 11 passengers (including 1 operator during tests) a top speed of 45km/h and boasts a range of cameras, Lidar scanners and of course a GPS receiver to help plot a course. This plucky little bus has no drivers seat, no pedals and no steering wheel but it does have a touchscreen for picking destinations and an XBox controller plugged into the heart of the system for the operator to take control in case of an emergency during testing.

The entire length of the bus floorplan is mostly batteries placing the centre of gravity pretty low. The system is running at 80volts so range over performance is the order of the day and it also includes a couple of really cool features including inductive loop charging allowing it to park over charging pads (at a stop) to top off charge.

Right now, members of the public can apply to join others to take a short ride along the South Perth Esplanade to experience what it is like to have a computer behind the wheel.

Yes, it is a tiny bus but it represents a big change in automotive transport as well as the conversation the authorities and the public will be having as we examine the inevitable impact autonomous technology will have on our lives. Imagine fleets of these tiny pods servicing areas around transport hubs, hospitals, shopping districts and universities. This kind of technology could even help cities realise a goal of car-free zones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to recalled globally.

galaxy_note_7_failureAfter a few spectacular battery failures, Samsung has halted sales and commenced a worldwide recall of all Galaxy Note 7 following at least 35 cases of the phone suffering from severe battery failures that have led to explosions and fires.

Samsung has pulled all Galaxy Note 7 handsets from the market and has contacted customers advising of the recall. All recalled handsets will be replaced in the coming weeks according to the tech giant and any readers are advised to backup their data and contact their local Samsung representative.

See the official release from Samsung here.

In a previous post, I advised that there has been a confirmed breach of Dropbox.

Security_failAs mentioned earlier this week, I shared confirmation that a Dropbox hack back in 2012 was genuine. Thanks to security researcher Troy Hunt, we are now aware that there are usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords floating around the dark web for sale.

As a result all users are advised to review their security especially if their Dropbox password is reused over a number of other services.

More on this at my previous blog post.