Weekly News Roundup 5/10/2015

Perth’s first gaming-based charity event announced, Glove translates sign language into speech and text and the new iPhone is water resistant (but don’t tell anyone OK?).

BAA-Starlight-Photo2A local gaming community has mobilized to raise money for The Starlight Foundation helping sick children.
The group hopes that 12 hours of live streamed entertainment will be enough to make a difference to the lives of kids dealing with illness. The event is not only a local competitive gaming tournament but will also include fun events that will hopefully entertain viewers enough to get them to donate towards the cause via the event’s Everyday Hero page.

Yours truly will also be attending and might be involved in some of the fun and possibly painful challenges. Look up this post for more details and keep 17th of October clear if you want to come down to Spacecubed and take part in the shenanigans.

sign-language-glove-3Smart Glove translates sign language into speech and text.
Gizmag reports that University of London designer and Student Hadeel Ayoub has successfully designed a smart glove that uses sensors to translate gestures used in sign language to text and speech allowing hearing and speech impaired people a better way to communicate with a wider audience. This soon-to-be Wifi equipped device is undergoing rapid development with the aim to provide real time gesture to speech technology delivering a real breakthrough in communication.

Personally I would have looked towards using something like the Leap Motion Sensor or the MYO gesture band but a glove makes perfect sense.

Really cool stuff. To read more about this, go over to Gizmag.com.

400_300Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus secretly water resistant?
Engadget has a story about a report from iFixit teardown that shows some changes in construction of the latest phone that cleverly adds a degree of water resistance that differs to competitors. The phone sports an additional gasket that runs around the outer shell and the ports are not sealed externally rather the points at where they connect to the electronics inside are encased with a waterproofing material.

You would think it odd that Apple would not list this right at the top of the list of features and reasons to buy this top of the line device but it makes sense that the added water resistance is kept on the down low to prevent people from drowning their newly-acquired investment into all kinds of things.

That said, it is nice to know that Apple is designing in features that will give users a pleasant surprise when they accidentally dunk their device.

Maybe the 7 will be boasting an even more robust version of water resistance? Who can tell? For now, you can go over to Engadget to read all about it here.