Weekly News Roundup 4/7/2016

Bankwest outage, Tesla Autopilot Fatality, Microsoft pays business US$10000 for Windows 10.

Bankwest out for almost a day.

1467618263227From around 9:30 this morning Perth time, outages for Bankwest were reported and continued for most of the day. Bankwest directed customers to it’s official Facebook page for updates as the preferred communications channel. By 5PM, services seemed to come back online for most customers and Bankwest extended its trading hours to help customers access their bank accounts.

The impact was not only directly felt by customers of the bank but all businesses using Bankwest as a payments processor and people needing funds to be paid by Bankwest customers.

The exact cause was not known at the time of posting this update.

Customers affected by the outage can get updates from the Bankwest Facebook page.

Tesla autopilot claims its first fatality.

Joshua Brown, image from The Guardian

In a sad first, a Tesla autopilot equipped car may have caused its first fatality last week taking the life of its owner Joshua Brown with Autopilot in control of the vehicle.

It is understood that the Tesla Model S passed under the trailer of a prime mover turning left at an intersection and the deck of the trailer impacted the windscreen of the Tesla S shearing off the roof of the car.

Speculation at this point is that Autopilot was unable to distinguish the body of the trailer against the brightly lit sky and the vehicle’s radar system is configured to tune out what looks like overhear signs.

Tesla’s official statement on the Autopilot system is currently regarded as in “Public Beta Phase” and is not officially ready for general public use. Owners wishing to engage Autopilot have to explicitly turn on the system and acknowledge that they should not allow the system to control the car without proper driver control present.

Report from TheVerge.com here and the official blog post from Tesla Motors here.

A single Windows 10 installation cost Microsoft USD$10000 last week.

s3c7Yu7a6zQYVguiEtrOd6w2afC8SZHvWUONdTCmJdFrb1p39A3mqMheo4dJeYvs-bsod-in-windows-8-s-We have all heard stories about how Windows 10 might have affected some rare cases adversely and most of us have experienced the installer that resorted to some pretty grubby tricks to force the installation of the latest version of Windows.

In most cases, we just shrugged and moved on with the new operating system but a travel agent in California actually managed to get a payout from Microsoft for lost business due to a botched installation on the office server that ran the operations for her business.

She initially sued Microsoft for the replacement of the now useless computer and lost business due to being out of action and won judgement in her favour. Usually Microsoft would have been expected to appeal this decision to draw out the battle but instead decided to honour the judgement and pay compensation for the unauthorised installation. If this potentially opens the door for others to take legal action over the forced upgrade is yet to be seen but it does show that there is a path for those impacted by the new version of Windows.

More on that over at TheVerge.com

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