Weekly News Roundup 4/5/2015

May the Fouth be with you

I had to do it, don’t judge me too harshly.

Privacy Awareness Week
3-9th May
This is an initiative covering the Asia Pacific region is to promote the issue of personal information and how we can take steps to ensure our information remains under our control.
With links to various governement bodies and some helpful resources you can make sure that you are doing all you can to protect your personal information.
Take the ID theft awareness test.
See more at http://www.privacyawarenessweek.org/

Tesla Powerwall
On the 30th of April, Tesla announced a battery for the home and business. A wall-mounted Lithium Ion battery no doubt a result of R&D put into the battery systems used in the Tesla electric vehicles weighing in at 100kg and supplying either 10kw/h or 7kw/h. These batteries can be mounted externally but I would suggest internal mounting for Australian conditions. 1.3m high, 860mm wide and 180mm thick, these batteries can be banked together to expand capacity and offer hope to solar power homes and businesses that want to store excess energy generated during the day for use when the sun is not shining. This is great news and was kind of close to the rumours leading up the announcement of a domestic battery although it was speculated that the Tesla vehicles would act as a battery instead of a stand-alone version.
Prices start at around US$3000 and deliveries are expected to start in the US summer.

Microsoft Build 2015
Highlights :

  • Android and iOS developers can port their applications to Windows with little or no effort.
  • The Hololens looks like it will actually be real. We might even see if before the end of 2015!
  • A universal Windows 10 platform to work across all devices from desktops to phones and even the Raspberry Pi2!
  • A new web browser called Edge will replace Internet Explorer.

Apple watch has it’s first glitch
People with tattoos will have problems with the heart sensor as the ink inteferes with what the sensor “sees”.
A support article from Apple outlines this under “What else affects your reading?” stating that permanent and temporary changes to your skin can block light used by the sensor making it difficult for the watch to pick up your pulse.

Google Feud
This is possibly the best and worst use of Google’s Autocomplete revealing some amusing insights into the most commonly searched terms on the tech giant.
There are 4 categories, up to 10 answers and one incomplete search query. You have to type in your answer.
3 guesses wrong, the round is up and you go onto the next round. Get them all right and I guess you win the round (I have never won a round yet).

Microsoft also released a fun website that guesses how old you are. It is a demo originally intended to be showed off at the Build Developers conference demonstrating the face detection technology along with the power behind Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing services.
Initially they were aiming for around 50 faces in the first few hours of the test but would up getting 35000 users submitting over 210000 images.

Also a reminder that my latest project Tech Help Oz is still going strong with regular weekly updates. Follow progress on the YouTube Channel, Twitter Feed and Facebook Page.