Weekly News Roundup 29/6/2015

RAC Electric Highway

Last week RAC announced the opening of Australia’s first “Electric Highway”, a network of 12 charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EVs) extending from Perth to Augusta some 310km away.
The stations are publically accessible and can fully charge a standard EV in around 30 minutes for free during 2015 and after that a full charge is expected to cost between $3 and $5 per charge.
Dr. Chris Jones from the Australian Electric Vehicle Association said that the project just needed a little motivation to install the elegantly simple system that only needs to be near power lines which are running by almost every road in Australia.
Of course there are always first adopter issues. Even though a trip to Margaret River may cost up to $20 in “fuel” the time spent charging could add 2 hours to the trip. Hopefully charging stations will be at sheltered locations that allow travellers to stretch their legs and recharge themselves.
A very cool initiative that should hopefully see boost the uptake of EVs including the very desirable Tesla Model S and the upcoming Tesla Model X.
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Solution for revenge porn may have come from two Perth fathers.

These guys are doing things right. Shane Bell and Derek Hayes were sharing a couple of beers after work and they got to talking about the issue of revenge porn that most children are likely to face.
An ugly side of modern relationships where a couple may share intimate photos of themselves with their partner and when the relationship sours, the images are shared on the wider stage of social media and the public web resulting in damage to professional and personal lives.
So they decided to actually do something about it and apply an almost game-like feature to the security.
The image is taken and shared to a contact and is received as a distorted image until the recipient is given two chances to answer a security question. Get it wrong twice and the image is deleted and wiped from the servers that night.
The image can be viewed but not saved or captured with a screen shot.
Right now, the app is in Beta testing so Shane and Derek are keen to hear if anyone is able to take a screenshot or save an image.
Well done guys, we hope to see more of this soon.
You can follow Shane and Derek at Sourgun Entertainment.
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I hope you are right Steve.

Steve Wozniak : Humans will one day be pets.
During the Freescale Technology Forum 2105 in Austin, Texas, Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) sees a future where hyper-smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) will keep humans as a form of pet.
Wozniak surmised that  by this time, AI will understand the importance of nature and how to keep it in balance and humans will play a part of that balance in nature.
It could turn out quite well for the human race as like our own pets, we would be cared for in return for our companionship or our role in the ecosystem being managed by future AI.
This may be after a time where AI might regard humans as “gods” as they played a part in their creation.
This flies in the face of other concerns held by the like of Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson who warn that the evolution of Super Intelligence might actually spell the end of humanity (Remember Skynet Steve?)
Image and article at Express.co.uk.
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Late news…
ACCC recommends Telstra to slash prices charged to other providers to access copper network.