Weekly News Roundup 29/2/2016

Ending the month on a high! A new Raspberry Pi, a lifesaving drone in the skies and future of computing in front of your eyes.

Days like these make me very stoked to be a part of the world of technology.

After starting the day watching the aborted launch of the latest SpaceX mission I came back from a full day to find that the much rumored Raspberry Pi 3 is real and available for sale right now.

IMG_4090-500x334This miniature quad core ARM powered computer is about the size of a smartphone, able to run Linux and even an “Internet of Things” version of Windows 10 and now with Bluetooth and Wifi built in to the tiny package. This computer can be your next desktop computer that could be attached to the back of your monitor or plugged into your TV. I can stream media, act as a media server, browse the web, check email and most importantly provide people with a very cost effective way to get their hands dirty with just about anything tech related from messing with operating systems, to writing software.

This computer is ideal for people that are interested in messing with tech on all levels as the Raspberry Pi has excellent community support from all angles.

Keep an eye on the EZiWireless website for updates as I am expecting to take delivery within a few days.

I will be signing up for this program as soon as it becomes available to me. I love drone technology and I am also a volunteer Surf Life Saver. Why would I not put my hand up for this?

1456658051983Surf Life Saving NSW to introduce the future of rescue in the shape of high-end UAV. The US made military grade Vapor 55 drone costing an estimated $250,000 is being trialed in La Perouse at the Westpac Rescue Helicopter base to get an idea on running costs.

A brainchild of Kevin Wheldon, businessman, philanthropist and founding president of the International Life Saving Foundation, the drone dubbed “Little Ripper” will be fitted with marine rescue packages containing a 3 person life raft and EPIRB. The drone also packs a 1 hours flight time as well a camera designed to provide shark-spotting capabilities. A program to train surf lifesavers to operate the drone will be implemented and eventually give every club in Australia access to the technology.

Original Story from the Sydney Morning Herald here.

Engineer replaces 4 monitors with a set of AR glasses.

imageA live video released recently by Technology Futurist Robert Scoble gave a preview of the technology in the next version of Meta’s AR glasses and the impact it is having already on the workplace in the Meta offices.

AR stands for Augmented Reality and if you have seen any of the Iron Man films, you would have seen a glimpse of the technology in the shape of Tony Stark’s electronic sidekick J.A.R.V.I.S. Images floating in space, projected on objects and able to be manipulated with a wave of the hand. This science fiction made real in a very short time frame spells out the possible future of technology that could see the end of technology in its current form.

An good example in the video is one of the engineers turning his back on the 4 monitors on his desk to check his email, write code and manipulate digital models in a virtual world projected over his work area. This is truly exciting times we are in.

Have a look at Robert’s live facebook video here.
Business Insider article here.