Weekly News Roundup 27/7/2015

What a week!

Hacks galore from a simple command that will compromise apple laptops and desktops to a remote hack of a car on a freeway and possibly one of the most widely covered hack of the adultery site Ashley Madison!


AshleyMadison.com Hacked.

The Ashley Madison hack certainly grabbed the news in the last week and I covered this on this website as well as with Channel 9 as up to 37 Million people worldwide felt REALLY nervous about what might happen.

I talk about the hack here, post an article regarding my views on businesses keeping large amounts on private information here and you can catch the Channel 9 story on youtube here.Acronis25

Critical Apple OSX flaw revealed.

I also covered a story about a critical flaw that at this time does not seem to be patched that is putting Apple laptop and desktop computers at serious risk. The flaw can be exploited with a command that is so small it will fit into a tweet. It looks like that the exploit cannot be easily patched but has been secured in beta releases of the next release of OSX.apple_hack

It does not seem that mobile devices are affected as iOS is not vunerable to the exploit.

The flaw would allow an attacker to gain administrator level access to the computer and install, change and delete any manner of files at will.

My full post is here.

Google releases security best practices study.

In the last couple of days, Google released a paper on the study of around 300 security-savvy users and the same number of non-security people were also surveyed and the results highlighted the difference between how each set approaches online security.

The findings are interesting and shows how the countermeasures between both groups differ. Read more about the article here.Acronis25

Fiat Chrysler vehicles recalled after severe hack.

This was possible one of the most powerful demonstrations of the importance of secure design when it comes to technology in modern vehicles. Very scary stuff that prompted an immediate recall of some 1.4 million vehicles in the USA.

Read more about it here.