Weekly News Roundup 27/6/2016

The self-driving conundrum, Ocean Reef to get HFC NBN and Google has an easier way to do 2FA.

With the expectation around self-driving cars becoming a reality soon, we have seen a study performed that takes a spin on the philosophical dilemma known as the Trolley Problem which is a thought experiment in ethics.

Smart-Car2-300x300A survey was taken asking people how we should approach the situation of how an autonomous car would behave in a particular situation. Imagine a scenario where an autonomous car is in a situation that will result in the harming of a group of 10 people on the side of the road or the harming of the sole occupant of the car.

Naturally being the nice people that they were, most of the respondents opted to save the bystanders and harm the occupant as it made sense to them to act in the interest of the greater good.

However, when presented with the hypothetical question of purchasing an autonomous car, the same respondents when forced to choose between a car that would do the right thing in the name of the greater good and protect the occupant at all costs attitudes changed pretty quickly with almost all of the hypothetical sales going to the car that would have ploughed through the crowd of bystanders.

This highlights the potential clash between ethics and technology as a consumer item. When it comes to making purchases, not many people would be happy to put money down on something that would be programmed to kill you.

More of this on Gizmodo.

Ocean Reef to get HFC NBN.

hfc-cablesiiNet has announced that it will be rolling out a trial of the HFC element of the NBN in Ocean Reef to 12 homes in the area.

HFC stands for Hybrid Fibre Cable and is already in many homes across Australia to provide Foxtel Pay TV services to certain areas and is technically a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology that on paper promises speeds of up to 100Mb/s download and 40Mb/s upload.

The HFC network was made available to the NBNco after negotiations were completed with Optus and Telstra  only recently and Telstra has been contracted to make the HFC network NBN-ready for a reported AUD$1.6B.

Other areas set to recieve HFC NBN include Applecross, Cottesloe, Ellenbrook, Girraween, Hamersley, Joondalup, Jandakot South, Kingsley, Mullaloo, South Perth/Como, Subiaco and Wembly.

To take advantage of this when it comes into your area you may only need to upgrade you router to an NBN-ready model*.

Original post from iiNet is here.

*It is a good idea to upgrade your router at least once every two or three years in order to keep ahead of any security holes that may be fixed with upgraded hardware and firmware.

Google enables “tap to 2FA” making better security simpler.

Screenshot_2016-06-27-16-52-58We all know that usernames and passwords are not enough. We get stories almost weekly of a leaked password database or of passwords being cracked through many different means.

Usernames and passwords alone are not really the ideal way to secure our online identities. We all understand that 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) is currently a much better way to keep out banking, email and other sensitive services safe.

But the hassle! Username, password, fumble with the phone, open text messaging or 2FA app, read the code and type it into the service you are trying to log into and possibly do it all over again because the code has changed or you got it wrong.

But now, you can just tap the screen on your phone and you are in. Bad guys with your username and password can’t access your account and the process is made much simpler for you.

It works by using the Google App installed on your smartphone to authorise logins to your account. Expect to see other services using 2FA roll out this excellent feature that will take us another step closer to better security.

For more information on how to use it, go to this article over at How-To Geek.