Weekly News Roundup 27/4/2015

M2 makes bid for iiNet


Those not in the know, M2 is the company that owns Dodo and iPrimus internet service providers and it looks like the race to buy one of the most desired ISPs in Australia is starting to get interesting or scary depending on where you are coming from.

TPG’s offer of A$8.60 plus A$1.4 billion cash has been countered by M2 with a bid of A$11.37 putting the total value at more than A$1.6 billion dollars.

That’s a lot of reasons to sell but with another bidder in the race we can’t help but wonder how this will impact the iiNet business and eventually the subscribers. As a subscriber of iiNet I have to say that the idea of dealing with anything to do with Dodo based on past experience terrifies me.

I wonder who will be next to throw their hat into the ring?

Read the original report from Mashable.

Now you can see what google knows about what you search for.


Oh boy this is going to raise a few eyebrows for some people.

You can view, download and erase your searches of Google past by simply visiting https://history.google.com. Be prepared to either find out how weird and wonderful your searches are or in my case how much searching you do related to work. I did admittedly do some searches on some of the cast of 3rd Rock from the Sun to put faces to names but overall I have to say my search history is pretty dull and I have not found any surprise entries that I don’t remember searching for. Maybe you will have more luck than I did.

Did we get the smart watch we deserved?

Yes, we had Apple watch day and even though I have not (yet) put my hands on one, from what I have seen the Apple watch looks pretty slick but what I have heard has outlined a few issues.

I was fortunate enough to catch a couple of periscope feeds on the newly delivered Apple watch and functions demonstrated live were very slick indeed. Heart rate monitoring, texting simple phrases, telling the time and my favorite trick of all acting as a remote for an Apple TV. All delivered in a pretty good looking package.

Now the downsides…
Battery life is always going to be an issue regardless of what device you are running. It is going to be a hassle to recharge until we see the Energous Wattup hit the market (still no ETA) and getting a full day of heavy use is always going to be a challenge with a feature rich device.

Getting location data without an built in GPS will be difficult but at least you can get this from your iPhone even though the transfer of this information will feel slow. This is one of those things that has been noticed. Communications with the phone in general seems like it should be faster.

At the end of the day like most other brand new product lines(the first for Apple since the death of Steve Jobs and the announcement of the iPad) there will be some kinks to iron out. Just be thankful you didn’t take out a mortgage to order one of the  A$24000 Apple Watch Editions.

Of course we will see replies from the competition and revised editions as this new product line develops and finds its niche.

In other news…

HBO goes after Game of Thrones pirates.

It looks like HBO is finally getting tired of the pirates doing their thing. Before HBO almost considered piracy as a form of flattery but now they are seeking to make sure that pirates pay their debts by issuing thousands of warnings to offenders via ISPs tracked down via investigations of torrent traffic.

No word on the effectiveness of VPNs to hide IP addresses but the leakers of the first 4 episodes of season 5 will certainly be in the entertainment giant’s sights.

Here is my article complete with cartoon.

Guitar Hero is back and it’s LIVE?

A change from the old path taken by previous version we see a new controller and a new way of presenting the game. There is still the old note highway but that is pretty much where the similarities end.

It’s hard to explain, just take a look here.

Take a tour of Nelson Mandella’s prison with Google

Along with other significant sites, you can take a virtual tour of Robben Island prison colony where Nelson Mandella was imprisoned for 18 years. The site now listed as UN World Heritage site can be explored a number of ways by simply going here.