Weekly News Roundup 26/6/2017

NBNco continues to disappoint. US democratic party leaks details of 198 million people. We really have to calm down about tech.

The NBNco is in an ever-increasing shambles and we are seeing evidence on almost every level.

I have been seeing reports, talking to insiders and also I am seeing a direct business impact as a result of problems with the NBN rollout. It is a concerning story that I have posted on my other website here.

In short, the failings have shown up as incorrect data on the NBNco website, NBN contracted field engineers cutting corners and delays in delivering telecommunications services that if not brought into check could add up to a financial disaster set to impact the small business sector that could have serious knock on effects.

The project is seriously over budget and is not delivering on the “faster, cheaper” promise made by the then Communication Minister Malcom Turnbull leaving many people looking on searching for alternatives to getting roped into what they are seeing as a necessary evil.

I would also like to call on the TIO and the rest of the industry to provide a clear path to allow ISPs and consumers to make direct complaints against the NBNco for failing to provide a service.

I still urge consumers to push ahead with the NBN technology as we are honestly offered no other option sooner rather than later to avoid extended outages before ADSL and conventional Telephone services are terminated. At the same time I advise that keeping an eye open for better ways will potentially reap benefits when alternatives present themselves.

US Republican Data Analytics firm in “Biggest leak yet”.

In this story over on benaylett.com, I have reported on the news from ZDNet that the personal information of 198 million registered voters including names, addresses, phone numbers, date of birth making up a dizzying array of personally identifiable data points collected over the period of a decade.

At 2016, the number of registered voters only just surpassed 200 million so this leak almost exposes the entire population of registered voters to an extent that has been unprecedented.

As mentioned in my report, it has not been confirmed if the data has made it into the hands of others during the time the data trove was sitting on an unprotected server.

What this highlights is that even after all the previous breaches and advice from cyber-security experts, people and organisations charged with securing data are not taking the proper precautions and we are all being put at risk through no fault of our own.

Just calm down over new features everyone.

I did a story on Snapchats new feature known as Snapmaps. It allows friends on Snapchat to see the location of eachother and the feature was an “opt-in” deal. You had to specifically enable the feature and then select the people that you want to share your location with.

What resulted in some conversations was panic and outrage at a feature that I saw as responsibly rolled out. Some were convinced that Snap Inc was out to get our children.

This made me think about how fear can affect people’s approach to technology that is far from productive so I wrote this opinion again on my other website here.