Weekly News Roundup 26/10/2015

Telstra TV is coming, Facebook will tell you if bad guys are trying to hack your account and Youtube offers to dump the ads (for a price).

Again with my usual appearance on 6PR to chat with Chris Ilsley about the tech week that was and maybe even take some calls.


Telstra TV to be released this week.

Telstra TV is a new product due for release (tomorrow) 27th October and after spending a week with the plucky little device I have to say that this is a nice little box for Telstra and Bigpond customers that are looking to take their first steps into the world of streaming media.

Needless to say, I like anything streaming and you can read my full review here.

Facebook vs Government Hackers

We know that we are being watched. Everything we do, read, post and say on the internet is under surveillance and with the scandals involving broad spectrum monitoring of entire sections of communities most people are wary of intelligence agencies watching everything that goes on.

Facebook has announced a service that will notify you if they suspect that your account is subject to nation-state attacks designed to compromise your account and will offer advice on when and how to secure your accounts as soon as an attempt is made to breach your account.

The most common form of surveillance tool used is malware which installs itself on your computer and either hijacks your browser and redirects traffic or it sits in the background quietly watching what you are doing while also trying to infect the accounts of the people on your social network of friends. For more on this check out the official Facebook Security page or this story on Gizmodo.

YouTube scraps ads for a price.

Just watch the video. No ads!

Youtube as you know it now is not going away. That is staying put but if you want to save videos for later, access exclusive YouTube Original content and get a taste of the upcoming Youtube music service all without the ads then YouTube Red may be for you starting at USD$9.99 in the US rolling out to other countries around the world over the coming months.

Have a look at the FAQ here and the Verge’s article here.