Weekly News Roundup 25/7/2016

Nintendo Mini, Federal Regulators : Industry cannot wait for perfect automation, Windows 10 free upgrade ends in 6 days.

Nintendo is staying in the spotlight this week with a new product.

2030436pIt is the Nintendo Classic Mini and it is going to be the hot thing this Christmas.
At slightly larger than the Nintendo Entertainment System controller, this console fits in your hand and more importantly fits just about any wallet also. With an Australian retail price at just under AUD$99 interest has been high with the first shipment selling out and the November pre-orders filling up fast.

The diminutive console comes with pre-installed games including Balloon Fight, Castlevania, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Final Fantasty, Mega Man, The Legend of Zelda and Mario Bros to mention a few of the 30 games.

The system is powered off a USB port and comes with a controller and HDMI cable so it is pretty much ready to go as soon as you pull it out of the box.

Sure for around the same price you can build one yourself but for others not so technically inclined, this is a great way to get your fix of nostalgia.

If you want to pre-order your Nintendo Classic, you can try EBGames or other online retailers.

Turns out we are not going to wait for autonomous vehicles to be perfect.

mqdefaultAnd the US transport authorities are OK with this. In fact they are saying that auto manufacturers will be observing pre-market requirements set out by the US National Highway Safety Administration which is desperate to reduce the road toll which is up 8% since 2014.

Here is where the balancing act comes in to play. Do we choose to be more likely to die at our own hands or are we willing to sacrifice less people in self-driving vehicles? For me it is the simple equation that overall, less fatalities regardless of how it is achieved far outweighs the human need to remain in control.

No doubt this will create a good deal of discussion as the race towards an automated future is most certainly on.

More on this story here at arstechnica.

Windows 10 nagging could end in less than a week.

The deadline for the free Windows 10 upgrade is within days so those that have not upgraded will be able to use their computers in peace without having to carefully click the correct buttons on the nagging offer to upgrade to Microsofts latest and greatest. Equally if you have been holding off on the upgrade for as long as possible, you don’t have much time to snag the upgrade before having to fork out around $130 per installation as the end of July looms.

Microsoft’s ambitous goal of 1 billion installs by mid 2018 also looks to be falling short of the mark with around 350 million installs so far during the free upgrade period and an expected slowing in growth of the market share as the upgrades start to bite into the hip pocket of the market.

Regardless, I am glad I got my upgrades done and for the purpose of recovery I have taken a copy of a basic Windows 10 system in case it saves me the hassle of reinstalling everything and jumping through licensing hoops when something dies.

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