Weekly News Roundup 25/5/2015

Minecraft Addiction, AI alerts, New stuff from Apple and the Avengers just got really funny.

Artificial Intelligence : Should we be worried?
We have been seeing progress in Artificial Intelligence ranging from Autonomous cars to Facebook’s facial recognition software to even a simulated neural network that was able to learn how to play old Atari games better than humans with no prior knowledge of the game elements.
Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal etc.), Bill Gates (Microsoft, Gates Foundation) and Stephen Hawking (you should know who Prof. Hawking is) have all expressed concerns over “super-intelligent” systems that could potentially become more intelligent than we are. For these leading thinkers the concern lies with this kind of intelligence developing goals that are not aligned with the human race that could lead to a conflict that we have never seen before.
See the article from Quartz (qz.com) here.

Bad Lip Reading gives the Avengers a treatment.
Not really tech but it is nerdy and funny as heck.

Apple’s WWDC is coming.
The usual i-circus comes to town around June when Apple hosts the World Wide Developer’s Conference which is basically a showcase of new software updates we can expect to see in the next revisions of OSX and iOS operating systems.
It is rumored that we will not be seeing any massive new features while this next update focuses on lots of under the hood tweaking with security with one of the features dubbed “rootless” denying even administrator level accounts access to some of the really low level files on systems. Put into English, this will make life hard for jailbreakers that like the Apple hardware but prefer their own versions of iOS.
That said, we can always hope for something like Homekit to be released paving the way for smart homes and the Internet of Things.

Minecraft Addiction? Yes, it’s a thing.
It is something I have seen for a while. Minecraft consuming every waking hour of kids and adults lives alike.
The game itself is not evil and the content is not at graphic or at all disturbing.
Lets start at the beginning.
Minecraft is an Indy (independant) game developed by Marcus “Notch” Pearson that has blocky graphics and gameplay that made it a massive seller even before it officially hit the market as a finished product.
The object of the game is to survive in a world populated with animals, different terrains and some monsters looking to make a meal of you. It is a simple game of survival with resource management as you build tools, construct shelters, farm food to stave of hunger and when you are ready you can go off to explore the almost endless landscape both above and below ground.
The draw of the game has seen people develop skins and mods for the game to slightly alter the gameplay and others have created wildly successful Youtube channels showcasing gameplay as well as some of the amazing things constructed within the minecaft universe.
The gameplay and community is so compelling that those affected cannot think of anything else and separating these people from minecraft content comes with all the classic signs of withdrawal including irritability, insomnia, headaches and depression to name a few.
This article on minemum.com covers this subject perfectly and I encourage anyone involved with minecraft or anyone that knows someone that plays minecraft to read it.
Minecraft is a game that is so good that in some cases people can be losing focus of other facets of life to play this amazing game.