Weekly News Roundup 23/3/2015

Once again, ahead of my going on air at 6PR tonight with Chris Ilsley to talk tech I am gathering up the news of the week just gone (and a little peek at what we might see tomorrow).

Again I will be playing with Meerkat Live Video as I go on air. Watch the twitter and facebook feed to pick up the link to catch the live feed. There was a hitch last week that I was not aware of where listener calls were not captured by my phone. I have an idea that might fix this. I will also be a little better with the podcasts. I will try to edit and post the podcast directly from the studio before I go home.

I promise I will try.

Security researchers compromise big 4 web browsers and get paid US$557,500.

lokihardt : breaking things and making money.

The annual Pwn2Own (Pown-to-own) competition just wound up and even though Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox failed to remain secure everyone on the internet won. Mind you, security researchers at the event like South Korean Jung Hoon Lee won more than everyone else over the weekend.
Lee going by the handle lokihardt took down both the stable and beta versions of Google Chrome by gaining system access within 2 mintues earning him a tidy US$110000. That works out to over US$900 per second.
He then went on to Internet Explorer and was able to sidestep defence mechanisms built into Windows followed up by smashing Apple’s Safari browser bringing his total winnings to US$225,000.
Not bad for a weekend trip to Vancouver.
Read the full story from The Hacker News here.

It’s almost here!

netflixIn mere hours Netflix will be throwing the switch on in Australia giving locals the content they have previously been obtaining through dubious means.
The really good news is that the starting catalogue is a solid start and the monthly subscription is undercutting the competition.
Clearly Netflix is going in hard and the likes of Presto, Quickflix and Stan have one hell of a fight on their hands.
Put simply the Australian television and entertainment rental industry has been put on notice with the recent changes to the streaming landscape and now with the Netflix juggernaut about to step into the ring with peering agreements with internet service providers.
Netflix is expected to release with support on iPhone, iPad, Chromecast, Android, Windows and Mac as well as game console support and some smart TVs may even be releasing Netflix apps.
Check out the full story on smh.com.au and take a look at the opening catalogue here.

From the department of inevitability…

Patience pays off to the tune of at least US$300 million maybe up to US$900 million!
Kaspersky was called in to investigate strange happenings regarding an ATM in Kiev randomly dispensing free cash but uncovered one of the biggest bank scams in history.
It is alleged that more than 100 banks in 30 nations had security systems infected with malware that was used to observe bank security systems and procedures which then gave criminals access to the IT systems without raising alarms by following standard procedure. From here it was pretty straight forward to infiltrate the ATM networks and issue dispense commands to the ATMs where “mules” were waiting to collect the cash and deliver to the masterminds.
The operation took a great deal of patience and organisation and was less of the typical smash and grab style and more of an “Ocean’s Eleven” arrangement.
Have a look at the New York Times article on this.

In other news…

Vic government to sell $9.3million in siezed bitcoins.
Sydney Morning Herald

Microsoft and Yahoo working on password alternatives.

Free wifi offers consumers free access and retailers access to shoppers.

Robert Downey Jr/Tony Stark/Iron Man delivers awesomeness.
Just watch the video on the Collective project from the officevideos channel.