Weekly news roundup 2/3/2015

Sandisk announces a micro SD card capable of holding up to 200GB of data for around US$400 and will be available worldwide in the Q2 and the premium edition comes with a 10 year limited warranty.
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Ikea launches electrifying furniture.
I know, terrible dad-joke but flat-packed giant Ikea has joined the fight against cables with new furniture items that have a charging spot built in that is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard.
There will also be charging pads available separate to furniture allowing older furniture to charge your device by simply plonking it down on the charging surface.
Read more on the Telegraph.co.uk and find out if your phone is Qi-ready here.

More smart watches on the way!
LG and Huawei have announced their latest stab at what they hope to be the latest hot trend in technology at Mobile World Conference as reported by BBC.com and we are anticipating the keynote for the Apple Watch expected 9th March with subsequent release as promised for early 2015.
Some are sporting full 4G connections while others are opting to work as companion devices for smart phones but almost all of these smart devices are expected to have some kind of payment system linked to the product.
This is possibly making existing payment processors nervous as the smartphone giants have already had a big impact on the music industry.

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