Weekly News Roundup 22/2/2016

This ransomware is paying big dividends to cybercriminals, Super detailed robotic hand could be a replacement for the real thing. Apple and FBI go toe-to-toe over encryption.

Hospital gets caught out with ransomware, pays $17000.

Security_failThe Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center has been blown back to the 70s thanks to a ransomware infection that effectively shut down all their systems leaving staff resorting to paper based systems to carry out day to day business. The cyber-scum behind this initially setting the ransom at $3.4 million in bitcoin according to this newsweek article. Another article at fortune.com states that the ransom was closer to $17,000 in bitcoin which was paid.
This could have all been avoided if the systems were correctly backed up and they were using programs similar to Cryptoprevent to effectively immunise their systems against emails carrying the malicious payload.
Education is a big part of combating this but educating all your staff and contractors sometimes is not an option so focussing on prevention and recovery is the best tools we have.

Also for those moments that it all seems to fall apart, I am about to partner with an insurer to provide cover for when any business large or small finds itself dealing with cyber nightmares from ransomware to database breaches. Keep watching this space or keep an eye on my social media feeds to get updates as this develops.

A robotic hand that could be mistaken for the real thing?

160218-hand2-630x540Yes, it is possible. University or Washington Researchers have managed to develop a synthetic hand that closely resembles an actual hand in structure and the result is amazing. Using different materials to replicate bones, tendons and ligaments with servos acting as muscles the potential prosthetic closely mimic the underlying structure and range of motion of a real hand. It currently does not look like a complete hand. More like a cybernetic approximation of a hand but the scientists say that it might be possible to grow tissue on the structure to make it look and even feel like the real thing.

The concept of limb regeneration could be a reality in a few years.

Original Geekwire story plus video here.

FBI : “Break encryption on this phone.”
Apple : “Nope”

security failFBI investigators on the San Bernadino case have managed to obtain a court order directing Apple to assist investigators by defeating encryption and security systems on an iPhone5c belonging to one of the shooters.
Currently agents have the phone and are looking to gain access to the data on the phone but cannot due to the security built into the Apple device. The court order directs Apple to build and install a compromised version of iOS that strips away security on the device under investigation allowing investigators to “brute force” guess the PIN used to secure the phone.
Apple has basically refused to comply and released a public notice stating their position. This has prompted other tech organisations to release statements showing various levels of support for Apple’s stance on maintaining a high level of security for their customers.

Links to my original post including the court order and Apple’s response can be found here.