Weekly News Roundup 21/9/2015

WordPress websites actively targeted by malware, Big banks see merit in using bitcoin’s technology and Apple execs meet with California’s DMV.

Run your own website? You could be part of the problem.wordpress-splatter

It has been reported by Arstechnica.com that thousands of websites (95% of which are running the popular WordPress platform) have been compromised in the last few days using a vunerability in wordpress plugins. Plugins are small packages that are installed into WordPress sites that add extra functionality.

There are tools that will allow you to check your favourite sites if it hasn’t already been flagged as compromised. If you have been compromised it is a good idea to apply updates or get in touch with an experienced web developer (yet another EZiWireless service).

The full story can be found here and if you want to use the Sucuri Scanning Tool, you can do that here.

Big banks embracing bitcoin? Kinda.

bitcoinLogoIf you know anything about bitcoin, then you might know that it is falling foul of the authorities as it circumvents traditional financial restrictions and can be regarded as an alternate, decentralised, digital currency used by criminal and legitimate users to perform a wide range of transactions over the internet and in person.

Using bitcoin in some cases can result in your bank account being closed as the banks hate the idea of a means of trade that eliminates the need for central reserves and the traditional banking model.

However there is something about bitcoin that the banks do like. It is known as the blockchain and is a central technology to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The blockchain can be thought of as a massive shared ledger that can be used to verify every single transaction that has taken place making it impossible to fraudulently make transactions as they must be verified and recorded by multiple parties using powerful computers. This method of recording transactions could vastly improve the trading arms of financial institutions by making the transaction faster and more transparent while cutting operating costs.

For the full story on the BBC website, go here.

See below for a video explaining bitcoin (from Vimeo)

Bitcoin Explained from Duncan Elms on Vimeo.

Again, Apple follows Google and people get excited.

I am not too proud to admit that I am actually excited about this.


Industry watchers are getting pretty stoked after it has been revealed that Apple executives have been in talks with California’s DMV regarding testing of Apple’s codenamed Project Titan which according to some is a self-driving vehicle. Word is that the talks surround a disused military base near San Francisco that is idea for testing driverless technology.

For the Apple car story, check out the Guardian’s aritcle here.

With a recent video revealed by Nuance and Audi, driverless technology cannot come quick enough as Nuance seems to be promoting distracted driving.

Have a look at the video below to see what I mean.