Weekly News Roundup 21/3/2016

Urgent Kindle updates, Sony has a new toy for you to buy and big news websites are hacking your computer.

Urgent Kindle updates.

Home-Screen_Settings-2._V299520989_First up the urgent stuff to take care of. You have less than 24 hours to make sure your Kindle is running the latest software in order to keep accessing the Amazon Kindle store including your existing purchases. If not, you can still perform an update but it must be done using a computer and USB cable which is way more tedious than doing a super-simple update over wireless services.

More on that here.

Sony VR Announced. Release expected later this year in time for Christmas.

sony-project-morpheus-_-640x640I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Sony VR last year and it was a great experience. I have used many headsets over the last few months and the Sony VR is aimed squarely at the consumer market and it comes as no surprise that the target application will be entertainment with a number of titles and developers ready to release titles when the Sony VR launches in October 2016 at a price tag of just over AUD$500. The good part is that if you have a Sony Playstation 4, you have everything you need to get your VR experience.

Pretty exciting times ahead for the VR explorers out there. For more on this, go here.

Some advertisements on big news websites are being used by hackers to install Ransomware on your PC.

3083In a mostly expected turn of events, the cyber-criminals distributing ransomware are looking to other methods apart from email attachments and have started to display infected advertisements on large advertising networks that insert advertisements into some of the biggest and most well known websites around the world including New York Times and the BBC sites. The poisoned advertisements attempt to install ransomware on your computer when displayed on the page (known as a drive by installation) by exploiting security holes in web browser extensions and operating systems.

For more on what this means for you and how to prevent infection, go here.