Weekly News Roundup 2/11/2015

Australia Post airmail does airmail by drone, New Ransomware threatens to publish your private files online (bonus link: Recover from cryptoviruses), Sick of crappy internet? This community rolled their own.

Auspost drones take to the skies next year.

1446192914635In 2016 you could hear the whine of rotors as drones operated by Australia Post deliver parcels of up to 2 kilograms as they partner with a major online retailer that wants better services in regional and rural communities.
The program starting trials next year is a part of the Australia Post Accelerator, a business division overseeing a $20M innovation fund that will grow to $100M as Australia post seeks to further innovate and build on initiatives including its locker service, the AusPost app and the MyPost service that currently boasts 2 million users.
The drones are fully equipped with GPS, backup systems and is expected to deliver with accuracy good enough to land a package on a patio. Care has also been taken to ensure that the drones are compliant with current regulations and with the advantages of operating in Australia’s sparsely populated areas should give Australia Post the space it needs to further develop the technology.
Other innovations being viewed includes the possibility of operating 3D printers in local post offices giving he wider public access to the soon to be booming manufacturing sector.
Image and story originally from Australian Financial Review.

Ransomware Criminals Step up their game.

A new tactic used by organised criminals is claiming to raise the stakes and build on the AUD$455M that has been netted by Cryptowall 3.0 alone. In addition to the typical cryptovirus operations, the threat to publish the encrypted files is included in the demand for ransom in a hope to ensure greater returns from victims.
Security researchers question the validity of the threat due to the storage space needed to store the data prior to publishing.
The ransomware makes its way into your computer through email with a link to a dropbox link that automatically infects your computer encrypting your data then displaying a message stating that all of your data has been encrypted and will be published if the ransom demands of 2.45 bitcoin (AUD$1,395 at time of writing) are not met within the deadline. At this point, security experts are indicating that this is a hollow threat.

Prevention with tools like Cryptoprevent are the best form of defense but if you are infected you can try this tool from the good guys at Kaspersky.

Original Story from Softpedia News.

Isolated community gets fed up with bad internet services and makes its own.

startouchinstall-640x474One of the most common complaints is slow internet and people are willing to do anything to improve the sub-par services delivered to some areas around Perth but this community in the Orca Islands, Washington State decided to do it themselves by forming a non profit organisation to provide internet services to 50 homes using a blend of technologies including Wifi and Microwave to deliver up to 70Mbps across the entire network with no data cap.
It is quite a read but very interesting for people that are fed up with poor services, you don’t need to accept what the traditional ISPs are offering.

Read the ArsTechnica article here.