Weekly News Roundup 20/7/2015

I have opened an online web store with hand-picked must-haves.

Instead of just telling people to go and get software to keep the viruses at bay and backup your computer I have decided to open the EZiStore with a small collection of applications that I recommend to my clients and listeners with more to come.backup

I have long wanted to make this available so I can provide a better service that now includes software readily available to the general public. I will not stock software that I do not endorse so you will get the benefit of over 20 years of my experience when it comes to buying software to keep you secure.

Head on over to the EZiStore to look at what is on offer.

Acronis Backup for PC

Ashley Madison “Cheating” Site Hacked.

Ashleymadison.com, a dating website with the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair.” is reported to have been compromised. The user database, financial records and proprietary information are reported to have been accessed putting not only the website at risk but the 37 million registered users are also in a very compromising position. *ahem*

The hacker group going by the name “The Impact Team” has claimed responsibility and has released data including sensitive information from the site.

A spokesman for Avid Life Media, the Toronto company that owns the website has acknowledged the breach stating “We’re not denying this happened, Like us or not, this is still a criminal act.”

The Impact Team has published a manifesto with the stolen data stating the breach was in response to alleged lies it told its customers about a service that allows members to completely erase their profile from the service for a $19 fee where the group claims that the erasure of information is not complete and in fact retains a good deal of sensitive information that given the situation puts many relationships at massive risk.

An extensive story is available at Krebsonsecurity.com.

Drones deny firefighting aircraft access to fire.

Friday 17th July saw a wildfire in California rage out of control destroying vehicles on a highway and prompting authorities to repeat calls for drone operators to keep clear of emergencies. The risk to airborne firefighters forced them to circle the incident waiting for the drones to clear which never did.
Forced to dump their payloads and return to base, the firefighters were unable to complete the work leaving the fire to rage out of control. Fortunately, nobody was injured but the US Forest Service released a statement that drone operators have affected efforts that potentially puts lives at risk.

For me, this is where things turn south not only for the hobby drone community but the larger RC aircraft community which for decades has been a mostly self-regulated sport where commonsense and respect prevails.
Actions taken by these dummies that think that they own the airspace because they brought an easy to fly toy is where we may see the banning of RC hobby aircaft and strict (and potentially expensive) licensing systems will be put in place to ensure that operators know what they are doing. Sadly, I think it is very likely that authorities will have no option but to regulate the community before someone gets seriously hurt.

Acronis Backup for PC
Self driving cars in accidents, all of them due to other drivers.

The most recent incident on July 1, a Google car was rear-ended by a driver resulting in 3 of the occupants of the Google car getting treated for whiplash making this the very first time that an autonomous car was involved in an accident that resulted in injury.

Have a look at the video from the data collected on the crash below.

There have been around a dozen bingles involving Google cars and all of them are reported to have been the fault of other drivers. This highlights that people are really bad at driving but it also highlights a thought that asks “Should autonomous cars do more to cater for bad human drivers?”.

Go an read the original Gizmodo story here. What do you think? Is there a future in autonomous cars taking crappy drivers into account? If so, who is responsible for incidents that may result?