Weekly News Roundup 18/5/2015

Apologies for missing last week.

Had pressing family things to deal with so thanks for understanding.


Security Researcher Claims to have hacked Boeing 737/800 in flight.

This week has produced some pretty big stuff in the realm of air travel and digital security as security researcher Chris Roberts has found himself in hot water after allegedly hacking inflight entertainment systems between 2011 and 2014. Roberts also stated that in one case he was able to access the thrust management systems causing one of the engines to increase thrust and briefly alter the aircraft’s course.

A recent tweet from the security researcher indicated that he was on a United Airlines flight on April 15 2015 and was bragging that he had access to the aircraft’s systems.

This is around the same time that UA announced a bug bounty program to pay researchers bounties for bugs found in websites, apps and other systems but we as far as to exclude systems on aircraft and other potentially sensitive systems.

Boeing released a statement that the IFE (In Flight Entertainment) systems are completely separate from the aircraft critical systems.

“IFE systems on commercial airplanes are isolated from flight and navigation systems. While these systems receive position data and have communication links, the design isolates them from the other systems on airplanes performing critical and essential functions,”

At this point there is an investigation in progress and there is a possibility that some is out of context so we may see how this all shakes out.