Weekly News Roundup 18/4/2016

This week we ask why Australia is a hot favourite for crypto-criminals, we look at Australia’s fast adoption of IoT and you can sell back your unused mobile data?

Australia is a pretty cool place. We are known for our beaches, laid back lifestyle, wide open spaces and unique wildlife.
Security_failPeople want to do business with us and come visit us. In most cases, we welcome visitors but there is a new visitor that we do not want, the Crypto-criminal. Australia has become the top target for Ransomware operators and it shows with the rates of targeted incidents as crypto-crims focus on Aussies because of our laid back attitude to everything including digital security and our high disposable incomes.
“She’ll be right.” Is not a good way to take care of digital security. We have to take the sting out of these operations by preparing with a reliable offline backup of our systems as well as installing preventative tools such as Cryptoprevent.
More on this over at LifeHacker.

What is IoT that Aussies love so much more than our US counterparts?
50BillionThingsIoT stands for Internet of Things and is a broad term used to describe anything that connected to the internet and includes computers, phones, set top boxes, smart TVs and game consoles. This range is expanding to other internet-enabled devices like doorbels, video surviellance systems, irrigation systems, lighting and power generation systems to name a few. The booming tech sector that is seeing things as humble as bathroom scales and kettles connect to the internet for monitoring and controle is gaining traction at twice the rate in Australia at an average of 8 devices per household compared to 4 devices on average in the US.
The convenience and wealth of data from internet connected everything however comes at a risk. Digital security is an issue as I have seen from many households not following basic security practices starting with changing the username and password on these items from the defaults leaving these web-facing widgets exposed to hackers looking to access the devices in your home and business.
This article from ZDNet Australia covers the talk given by Telstra CTO Vish Nadal

Now here’s an interesting stunt.
fde17bad6e0a471999a664f4d872abea-400x240Virgin mobile wants your unused data and is prepared to reward you for it. The idea is for the biggest data losers (those with the most unused data on their post-paid mobile plan) into big winners by awarding auction items ranging from a years supply of chocolate pretzels to a weeks stay on a private island.
The auctions will take place on the Virgin Mobile Facebook Page from 7PM to 8PM Sydney time. Bidders simply comment with their unused data from their last bill to go in the running. The earliest, highest bidder wins. Simple.
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