Weekly News Roundup 1/8/2016

I review the Telstra Signature Premium, NBN rollout cracks 1 million subscribers, Nick Xeonophon takes aim at first person shooters.

Telstra Signature Premium
Sensible and stylish is the way to go.

I take a look at the Tesltra Premium Signature after sending a few weeks with this as my primary phone. Have a look at the review for this phone that costs just over $600 and where is impressed me.

We have recently seen our millionth subscriber hooked up to Australia’s NBN and it may come as no surprise that Telstra tops the customer count with 48.2 percent of the market followed by TPG and Optus.
With the multiple technology approach we see 865,072 FTTP (Fiber to the Premise) connections, 102,293 FTTN (Fiber to the Node) connections, 18,184 FTTB (Fiber to the Basement) services, 119,634 wireless and 42,430 satellite connections. For more on this, have a look at the original ARNNET article here.

CSGO-GamblingJust this Sunday, South Australian senator Nick Xenophon has called for government intervention to see changes to the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 to stamp out underage gambling linked to multiplayer games like Counter Strike : Global Offensive a competitive first person shooter that has been wildly popular 2012. The gambling seems to work much like roulette where players bet on the outcome of a roll. There are videos on youtube of players having big wins but of course that is only half of the story because these sites are designed to operate at a profit and that money often comes from  players that lose at the game. Valve the developer and distributor for the game has started issuing cease and desist orders to websites that are using CS:GO for gambling and have been threatening legal action for sites that continue to operate after the first warning.

In all, the gambling has grown from the value of in-game items known as skins which have been traded on websites for real money. This has given rise to the gambling sites that collect funds through the online gambling and have then sponsored CS:GO tournaments to help promote the game and in turn boost their own business. Valve is reportedly looking to stamp out gambling activities linked to CS:GO without the need for government intervention. For more on this, go to the news.com.au article here.