Weekly News Roundup 1/6/2015

Happy WA Day!

This week we saw a few stories come across my desk and here are a few of them.

Hola.org busted as a DDOS for hire provider.
t turns out that the VPN service for geoblocking is not as helpful as we thought it was. Especially the free service which comes with a few caveats. Check out my article.

Woman throws out old computer. It is an Apple I, worth around US$200000.
Ouch. Lets hope this winds up with a happy ending.
As reported by Fox News, a widow cleaned out her late husband’s belongings from her garage, one of the boxes sent to a local computer recycling center in San Francisco’s Bay Area contained a very unique piece of tech history. An Apple I computer. One of the 200 first generation desktop computers hand built by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne way back in 1976.
The computer was sold to a collector for US$200000 by Clean Bay Area who is now trying to track down the woman who unknowingly handed over the cherished relic to give her her share of the funds.
I have a shrink-wrapped set of Dos 6.22 install disks with manuals along with other bits and pieces. Fingers crossed I can use it to by myself something nice one day.

Android wipe issues affects millions of phones and tablets.
This is something I covered last week with Nine News Perth where we talked about the latest issue exposing some 500 million Android powered handsets that may have been resold to allow access to the previous owners’ data from email accounts to passwords, documents, photos and other data that might have lived on the old phone.