Weekly News Roundup 15/6/2015

It’s E3 Week!

…and VR is the top of the game.

The big stories are all about VR and the usual suspects are releasing more information about their current offerings and there are also new players in the game such as StarBreeze Game Studio’s StarVR headset.

The StarVR looks set to bring the fight to Oculus Rift with a massive 210 degrees field of view compared to the Oculus VR 100 degrees with a pair of Quad HD panels outshining the Rift’s displays with more than double the resoloution.

What this means is that the hardware is unlikely to be the first barrier to extremely realistic graphics.

Take a look at the release video below.

Now it is up to the game designers and hardware support to bring the experience. The tech that will be needed to drive this will not be your run of the mill laptop.

Oculus Rift, Sony Morpheus, Steam VR and sundry, looks like you are all on notice.

Not all games as the Philae Lander “wakes up”

After a pretty sketchy landing back in November, the lander shut down due to low power and has only recently managed to scrape together around 24 watts of power to wake and start transmitting data back to the European Space Operations Centre. 300 packets of data so far have been recieved out of an estimated 8000 that contain information about the mission collected during and shortly after Philae’s landing.

Original story from Universetoday.com here.

Also a cool live (or as close to live as you can get) link on Philae’s telemetry here.

As expected, Apple rolls out a streaming service to challenge Spotify.

This will be an interesting battle, with Apple now taking on the world of streaming music where subscribers pay US$10/month (up to US$14.99 a month for a family plan covering up to 6 people) to access the entire iTunes catalogue. These heavyweights that have inked deals with almost every artist and record label on the planet command attention so what comes of this will be very interesting.

What came as a bit of a surprise is that Apple Music will also be available on Android and Windows phones.

The music industry was the first media industry to be forced to fully embrace the new way of doing business and should hopefully lead to other entertainment sectors following suit (looking at you Hollywood).

The service is set to launch close to June 30.